Fashion tips for women with curves

We want to celebrate curves and give them the royal treatment that they deserve! But as much as we love them, they do prove tricky when it comes to fashion. You can easily go wrong and end up accentuating all the wrong bits, or looking frumpy. Follow these key tips to getting the balance right.

1. Feeling the fit

Avoid trying to ‘hide’ your figure in large, loose clothing. This is a large disservice to your curves, and can make you look larger – and sometimes sloppy! You also don’t want to go too far the other way and squeeze into clothes that are too small. These will add visual kilos by highlighting each and every lump, as well as making you extremely uncomfortable. Find your true size and maybe even visit a tailor who can adjust clothes to fit you perfectly. You want to be in control of what curves you’re showing off, highlighting your feminine shape by hugging in the right areas and skimming over others. Generally you’ll want to enhance your waist and aim for an hourglass-like shape.

2. Buck the trends

Fashion trends are not made for every body. That’s why everyone on the catwalk seems to be one size! It’s lovely to be on trend but not if it does nothing for you. It’s better to stick to classics that you know suit you, and accessorise to keep it modern. If you’re wearing something that is made for your body you’ll look even more stylish than everyone trying to fit into the latest version of tights and an oversized t-shirt.

3. It’s what’s underneath that counts

Big is beautiful

Do not underestimate the power of high-quality underwear. Supportive bras will lift and smooth, highlighting your assets while instantly dropping visual kilos from your shape. Well-fitting shapewear will also do wonders for smoothing your silhouette. The fit here is important – do not try to squeeze into something so tight that you can barely breathe. Not only will that be terrible for your health, but the hidden flesh will just be forced to pop out elsewhere!

4. Finding the right balance

Highlighting your bust in the right way can be tricky. While you don’t want to smack people in the face with your cleavage (so to speak), you also don’t want to have a neckline so high that it makes your chest look a lot bigger than it is. Try to find V-neck or scooped necklines that elongate your silhouette, and don’t forget tip 3 above for an even better outcome!

5. It’s in the length

To elongated your legs and make them look slimmer, choose the right length when picking skirts and dresses. You want a skirt/dress that ends where your legs start becoming slimmer (generally just above or below the knee), which will give the optical illusion of long, slim legs!

6. The dress rules


You’ve got a feminine body, and dresses are MADE for feminine bodies. When dress shopping, always remember these rules and you can never go wrong: nip your waist, hug your hips and skim over your lower body. Wrap dresses are your friend, as are shifts, A-lines and belted shirt dresses.

7. Keep it simple

Whether you’re shopping for a top, pants, dress or skirt, simplicity is always going to be more flattering. Ruffles, frills, pleats, pockets, bows and other details – they’re all just adding bulk and detracting from that gorgeous shapely silhouette.

 8. Be wise, accesorise!


Accessories make an outfit, so don’t hold back. Curvy girls should opt for bold statement jewellery, bright, colourful scarves worn long to elongate the silhouette, oversized handbags and killer shoes. While it’s tempting to always go for black, a pop of colour in your outfit will lift your spirits and make you stand out. Accessories are a great way to do this. And the most important accessory? Your head! It’s the first thing a person notices, so find a fantastic hairstyle that compliments you, and rock it!


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