5 Winter Fashion Essentials

Our Winters can be brutal. Cloudy, rainy and sometimes icy Antarctic winds. Months spent wishing for the return of Summer, sun and the ability to spend more than a few minutes outside! But I have to admit, when it comes to fashion, I am all about the Winter months.

Beautiful knits, stunning leather boots and scarves, scarves and more scarves, Winter is my favourite time of year for layering it up and stepping out in style. So, with a number of weeks of this chilly weather pattern on the horizon, there is still time to hit the shops and purchase a few Winter essentials that will see you blitzing it in the fashion stakes this year.

Felt Headwear

Along with the normal beanies that hit the shelves every year, why not spice it up a bit? Who needs a knitted beanie, topped with a pom pom ruining your beautifully styled do, when the other options are not just a lot more suited to those of us with serious hair vanity and also keep you just as warm as their knitted cousins. Not me!

Whether it’s the more structured fedora, the small round bucket style or the ‘tres’ cute beret, a felt hat is the perfect accessory to complete your Winter look. With a range of styles to go with a range of outfits, this addition to your wardrobe is a must buy this season.

Puffer Jackets

I know, I know. I used to think puffer jackets were just for little kids too, so rugged up that they waddled around unable to move their arms for all of the padding.

This year has seen the return of a range of puffer jackets, cut to fit in a way that is both flattering and stylish.

With removable hoods, bright colours, removable faux fur and ranging from the more slim line fashionable designs, to the more practical wind, water and chill proof styles, a puffer jacket is an essential that this writer was just unable to resist this Winter.

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Trench Coat

Coat styles come and go. But nothing is as classic, or as gorgeous, as a timeless trench!

We’ve all owned a winter coat. But have you ever owned a really well cut, beautifully fitting trench coat?

It’s a style that lives on forever, and a wardrobe item that is definitely worth investing it. A classic trench goes with every style, from work wear, to casual day and into the evening. And with so many colours, fabrics and options available this year, it is something that you simply cannot do without during these chilly months.

Cigarette Cut Pant

Now, I know that this is getting very specific, but stay with me.

Last year was all about the wide leg pant, a style that I still adore. But I was ecstatic, when, upon release of this year’s Winter collection, the 1950’s style cigarette cut pant was back on the shelves.

I love an elegant, classic look, and nothing screams Audrey Hepburn more than a slim fitting, tightly tapered pant. Paired with the gorgeous loafers and stylish flats available this season, the cigarette cut pant has to be my favourite purchase of Winter 2018.

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So yes, I know. Winter means cold. Winter means practical. Winter means layers. But cold, practical layers does not have to mean that you relinquish the stylish, elegant woman that you are. In fact, Winter is the prime time to let that stylish, elegant woman out, turning heads and stepping out in style as you go!

Empower the fashionistas among us.

What’s your favourite Winter find this year?

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