5 Exercises for EVERYONE

We have all been there, you have just gotten a gym membership but don’t know what exercises you should actually be doing. There are only so many influencers we can watch to realize we have no idea what we are doing. So I have found 5 exercises that are perfect for everyone to do.  

The best exercises to do when you are a beginner are compound exercises that use multiple muscles at the same time. Targeting only one or 2 muscles on a machine is great but better once you have a workout regime and are training often. 


Lunges use your Quads, Hamstrings, and Glutes. To perform a lunge, start by standing up tall. Step forward with one foot until your leg reaches a 90-degree angle. Lift your front lunging leg to return to the starting position.

As you start to find these easy you can start to add dumbbells. Hold each dumbbell to either side of your body as you drop down into a lunge position. 


Ahh, the classic pushup. I know they aren’t everyone’s favourite but boy do they work out that upper body! Primarily your chest, biceps, and triceps. But also if it is performed with the correct form you can work out your back, abdominals, and shoulders. 

Keep your body in a straight line and look a bit further than your hand. Film yourself doing a pushup to correct your form. 


There are a lot of different squat variations. So do some research and find the perfect variant for you and your goals. Most squats will use the quad and glute muscles but there are plenty that also use your abdominal and hamstring muscles. 

My favourite squats are a Sumo squat which specifically puts more onto your glutes and a Back Barbell squat which uses almost every muscle in your legs to perform.

Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press. 

SHOULDERS! This exercise is one of my all-time favourites and is necessary for your workout! You can do an overhead dumbbell press sitting down, but by standing you are also engaging your abdominal muscles so jump up and get going! This exercise uses your Anterior Deltoids, Triceps, Upper back muscles, and Upper pectoral muscles too! 

Dumbbell Rows

You know that backless shirt or dress you’ve never had the confidence to wear? Well, Dumbbell rows are here to change that! Get that perfectly toned back with a moderately weighted dumbbell row. Plus, you are also using some upper body muscles too, it’s a win-win. 

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