6 At-Home Workouts To Keep You Fighting Fit

Want to get fit inside the comfort of your own home? You are just in luck because we have workouts you can accomplish every day.

Beginner Bodyweight Workout 

This is called “circuit training,” with the goal being to run through the workout sequence once, then again, then again. With minimal breaks in between.

If the beginner at-home workout above is too easy for you, try the

Advanced Bodyweight Workout


Why not try a PLP programme? This stands for pull-ups, lunges and push-ups. That is all you do. This workout may not bring a lot of visual difference but mentally and physically you will feel stronger. The original plan is to do this consecutively for 60 days. But you can choose your own goal.

There are two versions:

  1. If you can do 10 straight pull ups: Start day 1 with 10 reps of each.
  2. If you cannot do 10 straight pull ups: Start day 1 with 1 rep of each.

Day 1:

  • Pull-ups: 10 reps
  • Push-ups: 10 reps
  • Lunges: 10 reps (each leg)

Day 2:

  • Pull-ups: 11 reps
  • Push-ups: 11 reps
  • Lunges: 11 reps (each leg)

Day 3:

  • Pull-ups: 12 reps
  • Push-ups: 12 reps
  • Lunges: 12 reps (each leg)

and so on….

Ab attack

Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Move quickly from one move to the next and avoid resting in between. (If you need to take a break, though, that’s totally fine, particularly if taking a break will ensure that you doing each move with proper form.) Do three rounds, or four if you’re up to it.


Do 2-4 rounds of Circuit 1, resting up to 30 seconds (as needed) between each round. After 2-4 rounds, rest up to 1 minute. Then, do 2-4 rounds of Circuit 2, again, resting up to 30 seconds (as needed) between each round.

Circuit #1:

Circuit #2:

Been sitting all day? Your back will thank you later

You will need one pair of heavier dumbbells (for the first two exercises) and a lighter pair (for the last three exercises). You can also use household equipment like water bottles or jugs, laundry detergent bottles, or soup cans.




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