The 7 Dimensions of Wellness

When we hear the term wellness we automatically think of our physical health. Which is true, that is an aspect of wellness. But it is so much deeper than that. The 7 dimensions of wellness include spiritual, physical, emotional, career, intellectual, environmental, and social wellness.

So we thought we would deep dive into how to improve you wellness and quality of life!


Spiritual Wellness can be easily described as the ability to establish a form of inner peace and harmony in our lives. Holding your own beliefs and searching for your purpose in human existence. It is better to make your own decisions and ponder your own thoughts than be intolerant of others’ beliefs, this closes your mind and doesn’t give you an opportunity to strive for consistency with your own values and beliefs.

How to improve your spiritual wellness:

  • Spend time alone/try meditation
  • Be mindful
  • Listen with your heart and live by your principles
  • Be inquisitive and curious


Physical wellness is of course the physical health of your body. This recognizes the need for physical activity. It is about being knowledgeable about foods that will energize your body and understanding basic nutrition. Physical wellness is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that will allow you to participate in all activities that life throws at you without physical stress or fatigue.

How to improve physical wellness:

  • Exercise daily
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Prevent injuries and illness by staying healthy and mindful of your body


The emotional dimension of wellness recognizes the healthy expression of your feelings. It is also about being able to manage an array of feelings and having realistic approaches to your limits, and being able to effectively deal with stress. You also have to not only accept your feelings but understand other peoples feelings too. Your emotions and feelings can be rewarding and can influence your actions if you listen to them and maybe life can take on you on an exciting and hopeful adventure.

How to improve emotional wellness:

  • Tune in to your thoughts and feelings
  • Learn skills to manage and regulate emotion
  • Seek or provide support
  • Embrace yourself
  • Forgive


This dimension is the ability to find personal satisfaction and enrichment in your life through your career. It is about finding fulfillment from the jobs or career field you are in while still maintaining a balance in life. Achieving optimal career wellness allows one to maintain a positive attitude and experience satisfaction and pleasure in employment. Having a desire to make a positive impact in organizations or companies leads to your wellness, you are able to share your talents as well as learn and gain. You are able to contribute and feel you have a purpose in life.

How to improve career wellness:

  • Create a vision for your future
  • Explore a variety of career options
  • Choose a career that suits your personality, interests, and talents


You may be thinking that this means constant learning and the expansion of knowledge, you are right. But intellectual wellness also encourages creative and stimulating activities. It is important to explore issues, use critical thinking, and skills to adapt to change. Let yourself discover the creativity and skills you have inside your little noggin.

How to improve intellectual wellness:

  • Engage with people who will challenge you intellectually
  • Read
  • Do something creative
  • Appreciate the arts


This dimension is about caring for the earth and appreciating the beautiful planet we have. But it is also about understanding its vulnerability and its constant instability. Every action we take has a physical effect on the earth, so gaining environmental wellness maintains a life that will maximize the harmony but minimizes harm to our environment. This is why eco-living is such an amazing switch to make!

How to improve your environmental wellness:

Check out some easy ways to get started here!


To achieve optimal social wellness, find the ability to relate and connect with everyone you meet. It is about making and maintaining healthy relationships within your family, friends, and co-workers, this will also have a positive effect on your social wellbeing. It may sound vain but keeping good social wellness will make you aware of your importance. It is vital to stay connected to people, to form new relationships and hold onto them. It also means to have respect for yourself and others.

How to improve social wellness:

  • Cultivate healthy relationships
  • Get involved
  • Strengthen current relationships, contact an old friend or discover new friendships

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