The Small Things that Count

When you imagined having a partner when you were younger, you would imagine them doing huge, amazing things for you, ( I know I did ) but in reality those big surprises are nice but when they do something small and meaningful, for some reason means so much more.

This may be personal preference, but these are some of the small things that a partner can do for you that makes them a keeper. If your partner does this, THEY REALLY FREAKING CARE ABOUT YOU!

Vice Versa too! To strengthen your relationship maybe start incorporating these into your daily routine, if they deserve it of course.

Make the bed

I wake up and go to work before my partner does, so when I get home and walk into the bedroom to see that he made the bed, my heart melts. When they do this, it makes your day a little easier. Especially if you’ve just got home from a long day of work. A made bed can always calm you down a little. They did that for you to make you happier and to calm you down and lower your list of things to do.

Public physical touch

When you’re in public and ya boo gives you a nice big ole cuddle or a booty squeeze tell me that doesn’t make you happy. Particularly when you’re around their mates. They love you that much that they’re willing to look vulnerable or lovey dovely around their bros.

Making an effort

When they know they have done something to upset you, and they make an effort to make you feel better rather than giving up. Let’s say they start arguing over text, but hop in the car to see you to make sure you’re okay. That stuff means so much. Am I right? Or you’ve come back from work knowing you have to make dinner but you’re exhausted. But they hop up bring you a glass of wine and make the dinner themselves. It may not taste as amazing but it sure as hell is appreciated.

Listen and remember

You can tell the difference between them just hearing, and them listening. Of course, sometimes you just need to talk rubbish and don’t need undivided attention. But when you’re talking about something that is important to you and your partner is sitting there really listening and taking in what you’re saying. To us, puts a smile on our face, because this means they care. They want to help, praise or comfort you. But what’s pretty amazing is months later and you’re in a random conversation and they mention something you’ve said in a previous conversation again, you just think ‘awe you remembered’ because we all know men have a horrible memory and women have so much going on sometimes it’s hard to remember everything.

Random messages

When you’re busy during the day, working or studying hard and you get a ‘ding’ on your phone saying ‘Hey babe I miss you, keep working hard I’m proud of you! I love you’ I mean tell me you’re not on the bridge of tears. They took time out of their day to just say hey I love you, keep going! You could be stressed and overwhelmed and they don’t even know it. But a message like that just motivates you to keep going. Mostly just cause you want to go home and cuddle all night long, but hey that’s a form of motivation.

Big spoon!

It’s common knowledge that some partners aren’t the biggest fan of being the big spoon when cuddling. Because ‘their arm hurts’ or ‘they can taste your hair’. BUT WE LIKE BEING CUDDLED. So when they put up with these ‘horrendous struggles’ just to make you happy. Damn that’s love.

Lets you have girl time

Girls get jealous, but so does everyone. If you and your friends want to go out to a bar or clubbing without partners… with some people that’s a problem. If your partner does have a problem, they may say something like ‘It’s not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust other people’. But us being strong women, we can take care of ourselves and if we drink too many cocktails, we always have our real friends to make sure we’re okay. Plus, a sober driver is always a must so we’re safe. If your partner can let you go and have fun with friends and be there to pick you up, or have McDonalds at home waiting for you. That means the world. The constant texter can get in the way of fun, but a check-up once throughout the night is okay just not every 30 minutes. When they can understand you still need an individual life, you got yourself a real mature keeper.


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