Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Valentines day has been and gone. But why only celebrate your love one day a year? Keep that spark flowing all year-round! There are many (many!) reasons that relationships can become “automatic”. The risk of this, though, is that you start becoming complacent, even taking each other for granted. And no one likes that! So, whether you’ve been together a month, a year, a decade or more, it’s always a good idea to put the effort in and keep that fire burnin’!

Luckily, you don’t have to go to a cringingly expensive fine dining restaurant and nibble on a finger-sized hor d’oeurve to have a romantic date; in fact, you don’t even need to leave the house! As a bonus, if you start the romance at home, you don’t have to travel far to … end the night on a high note. I’m talking about heading to bed early and catching up on Netflix, of course 😉

You know your relationship best – which means you’re the best person to choose your ultimate date night. However, if you’re wanting some inspiration to get you started, look no further! Here are some of my favourite stay at home date night ideas.

Homemade chocolate fondue

Because anything involving covering things in chocolate is a good idea.

Take a trip down memory lane

Pull out old photographs (or albums if you’re organised) and spend a night looking back at how far you’ve come – and if you’ve been together a while, how much your styles have changed!

DIY scavenger hunt

This one takes a wee bit of pre-planning. Hide cute clues or items around the house for your partner to find. They could be clues to some wee chocolates or presents, or have one clue leading to another and another until they find the prize at the end!

Nerf gun war

Leave a loaded (if you’re feeling nice) Nerf gun for your partner to find as soon as they walk in the door and a note letting them know you’re hiding and waiting! If you want to play fair, mark “ammo stations” clearly around the house. If you want to play dirty … hide them 😉

Sushi night

Prepare ingredients and have a couples attempt at making sushi! Or if you’re already sushi masters, pick another meal that you both love but haven’t made before. If it fails miserably – there’s always pizza!

Video game tournament

Rent out old school competitive games like Tekken Tag and Mario Kart, order some takeaways and have a no-holds-barred battle. If you want to ramp it up, let the winner of each game dare the loser to do something!

Have a slumber party

One thing my husband and I love doing in winter is pulling our mattress out into the lounge and sleeping in front of the fire. There’s something incredibly romantic about it even though we’re basically sleeping on the floor! We add in extra pillows and have a movie marathon – bliss!

Have a game night

If you’re a closet nerd like me, you secretly love board games and wish people played them more often. It’s completely up to you which style of games you play – from cards to Scrabble to Twister, there’s plenty for you to choose from.

Make your own trivia

Each write down 15-20 (or more) questions (and answers), then take turns asking each other. This is a great way to get to know your partner as well!

So hopefully something in there will spark your interest … what’s your favourite date night activity?

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