3 Signs You Shouldn’t Move in Together

So, you and your partner are at a stage in your relationship when you’re both thinking of the idea of living together. It may seem like an incredible decision but how do you know you want to be with you s/o 24/7 if you’ve never done it before? We have some signs that maybe you might not want to rush into moving in together just yet.

  1. One person isn’t financially stable

The whole idea of moving in together is to continue your equal partnership, but if one of you isn’t financially capable of contributing to your shared living space, maybe now is not the time to make the move. While living with a s/o doesn’t mean you have to share a bank account, you will be sharing everything else in your home and it’s easy for resentment to grow. Finances are one of the biggest stresses in any relationship so make sure you and your partner take an honest look at your financial situation. Our top tip, make sure you both have an emergency fund that can help you get out of any sticky situation that might pop up along the way.

  1. Do you share the same vision for your lives together?

This isn’t only about the future because sharing the same vision matters now. If you both have different goals in mind or you see two different paths for your future then its probably best to put cohabitation on hold. Make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to family, career, travel and your forever home.If you’re keen to commute an hour (hello Auckland) to work everyday but your partner won’t handle more than a 20 minute walk then make sure you understand that before you move so resentment can’t grow from any unspoken compromises. Similarly, if you’re with a partner who doesn’t see themselves having children in the future and you’ve always imagined yourself as a mum, then there needs to be a larger discussion had. 

  1. You are using this to fix your issues

Moving in together is an exciting part of any relationship and it should be a fun new challenge that brings you closer together. If your relationship is on the rocks or you’re known to play it a little fast and loose with each other, then I would suggest not moving in together. You may think that sharing a living space, cooking dinner together and seeing each other more will help heal the issues you have but truth be told, it doesn’t always work like that. If you do see a future with your s/o but you are experiencing some bigger issues, put your energy into working through those and moving your relationship forward on an emotional level first. When moving in together, if its not the right couple, the right partner or the right time the experience might not be completely what you’d expect.

If you are thinking about moving in together but one of these signs has come up….. maybe you should re-think your decision. But hey, to each their own. Good luck!

Real Question here: Who gets to choose the crockery for the kitchen? 

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