Flirting Boot-camp

Okay we are going to amp up your flirting game in no-time!

The most important part of flirting can be summed in one sentence. Exude warmth while taking risks to demonstrate interest so your person of interest feels good about themselves and the interaction.

Now that sentence sounds way too fancy so I’m going to break down that sentence into a few key points…

  • Demonstrate warmth.
  • Be willing to take playful risks.
  • Make them feel good about themselves.
  • Show interest.

Flirting isn’t something you should be trying to do 24/7, you’ve gotta keep ’em coming back for more. There should be a back-and-forth pattern to it. Don’t be concerned about awkward silent moments, you don’t need to fill up every moment!  While showing off warmth and interest naturally shine, sometimes you have to chill out the active elements of flirting, long enough to see their attempts at flirting back.

 Start with a Smile

A smile is essential to flirting, this sounds basic ASF but it really is fundamental. Smiling actually makes you more attractive to other people. Our minds automatically interpret a smile as an indication that someone else is enjoying our company and is happy to be in our company. Liking people who like us is a very powerful instinct humans have.

Practice “intuitive listening.” 

Intuitive listening is what makes a conversation interesting. Everyone has been in those uncomfortable conversations where the person is only talking about themselves or you’re receiving rapid fire questions about yourself. These conversations are never enjoyable. Sit and listen to what they say and keep them interested in your conversation.

People often forget to take advantage of these simple social skills that make the foundations for a good conversation and relationship with people.


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Prolong eye contact

We have an instinct to naturally gaze away after looking into someone else’s eyes for a few seconds. So, you may feel more pressure to move your gaze the longer you hold eye contact.

But, direct eye contact wakes up something inside of us on a biochemical level. Without even meaning to, you can create some of the hormonal and biochemical reactions of love and erotic desire simply by prolonging eye contact with someone.

Find an excuse to touch

Did you know a flirty touch will wake up deeply-rooted biological drives that form connections. It will trigger pleasurable feelings of warmth, connection, and desire. Subtlety is key. The chemicals in their brain will understand what you’re doing and your work is done. All you have to do is find the excuse for a momentary touch.

Own their name

Many people feel weird calling someone they just met by their first name. But it’s such an easy technique you can use for flirting. Use their name often and it will become second nature to you. If you are married or in a relationship there’s a tendency to gradually move to cute pet names. You will only pull out the person’s real name when you are irritated with your partner. As a result, you can flirt with your lover with the same technique.

What to Say

All you have to do to get the best response is walk up to the other person and say, “Hello, my name is _____, and yours?”

Pick up lines suck anyway. All you need to do is show interest with this simple gesture. Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be.


What is your number 1 flirting tip?

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