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Glowing cheekbones and rosy cheeks have become very popular with the blush and highlighter craze over the past few years. We have all seen the pearlescent powder highlight and blush at every makeup counter, but jane iredale has made blush and highlighter simpler and quicker with their glowtime blush and highlighter sticks.

My experience

I have always been one to add a touch of highlighter to my finished makeup look. But I have noticed sometimes a powder highlight, can look ashy and dull. I have naturally dry skin and so using a balm/stick formula for my highlight is a revelation! How had I not thought about using one before?


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Why I’d recommend it


If you are looking for a healthy but beautiful glow the jane iredale highlighter sticks are a perfect fit. I tried out the solitse stick and I am obsessed! These highlighters don’t add too much colour to your complexion and the different shades represent the glow or reflection it gives off. I wore mine over a liquid foundation with no powder and I had so many compliments asking what I was wearing.

As the formula is quite blinding, if you are looking for a somewhat subtle but healthy look try adding setting powder on top of the highlighter, or if you want an ultra blinding glow you can add a bit of powder highlight on top. This will set the face and keep your cheekbones glowing for hours!

This highlighter also works amazingly on different parts of your body. If you want a bit of pop to your collar bones or shoulders swipe the glow time highters right on and blend with your fingers. You can also use these as an eyeshadow by using a small eyeshadow brunch and applying it right on. You can create amazing cut creases or a shimmer to your eyes with ease – jane iredale really has made it as simple as that!


I’ve never been one to wear blush on a daily basis, but the simplicity of the jane iredale blush has made such a difference.

With a simple swipe to the cheek, I had colour and life back in my face. Their blush collection has a shimmer to it so these are perfect for summer and your skin looks dewy and healthy all day and night long.

Powder cosmetics can start to look cakey, thick and make your skin appear dry throughout the day. Using a product like the jane iredale glowtime sticks meant I didn’t have to reapply during the day and there was no sliding or smudging.

As I am quite pale I didn’t find this blush too overpowering. The colour melted beautifully into my skin and left my skin happy and flawless.

Having beauty products in simple stick forms makes an everyday routine so much faster and simpler. I recommend these Glow Time sticks to anyone looking to simplify their makeup routine – especially to those with drier skin, using balm/stick products helps to not dry out your skin, and combat the appearance of dryness throughout the day.

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