Introducing the Bondi Sands Tools of the Trade


Tanning fiends listen up! We have all been there, you have an event to go to and want to put some fake tan on. But we can’t have weird tan lines and uneven skin in our insta pics. Well, Bondi Sands knows your pain and is here to help!

Introducing the Tools of the Trade. Get a streak free even tan, every time with Bondi Sands.


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Exfoliation Mitt RRP $13.99

The most important step to a good tan is preparing your skin. Getting rid of dead skin cells and dry skin can be painful with scratchy mitts and weird finger holes. So I think it’s time you try the Bondi Sands Exfoliation Mitt. It is gentle but gets the job done, and done well. With 2 sides, the black side will prepare your skin for a new tan, and the blue side will help erase any imperfections or mistakes made.

I didn’t have to worry about it ruining my nail polish either as it doesn’t use a finger glove style and is gentle to your skin on the inside.

Application Mitt RRP $13.99

It is a classic and will never fail you. The Bondi Sands Application Mitt is a must in every tanning fans’ kit. With its soft fibres, my tan went on effortlessly, left me streak free and as happy as can be!

My hands were stain free after the application and after use I rinsed under water and it was ready to go for the next time I needed it.

Back Applicator RRP $19.99

I think I used to strain my back every time I used self-tan. It is that one spot in between your shoulder blades that no matter how much you twist and turn you just can’t reach it. When I found out Bondi Sands were releasing a back applicator, I just had to try it!

The applicator snaps into place, add a bit of your tan to one end and you’re ready to go! I would suggest doing this in front of a mirror though… I started from the centre of my back and used vertical motions going out and my tan looked amazing!

The applicator is also great for the girls with lower back pain as you can use this applicator not just for your back but everywhere! This is a turning point in tan history!

Body Brush RRP $23.99

I used this product when I had 30mins to get out of the house and go on a date. This is now a “must have” in my routine. I used the Bondi Sands GLO One Day Tan with the Body Brush and WOW. The brush is curved and moves so effortlessly along the skin, even when you’re in a rush.

Say goodbye to orange and patchy hands and feet, with this brush I was able to apply a small amount of tan that blended the look together without creating the most hideous lines. We have all been there, I know.

 Bondi Sands is available at Farmers, Chemist Warehouse, Unichem and Life Pharmacies.

It is time to give that skin some love!

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