Marry Me Film Review

‘You will meet the one when you least expect it.’ We have all been told this at least once in our lives. Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson’s new film Marry Me brings this to life. Whether you are looking for a girls night flick or a cute little date night Marry Me is definitely on the top of our list.

Marry Me is a light-hearted and entertaining story of 2 people from opposite worlds realizing that no matter their differences their love for each other beats any obstacle coming their way. 

Following one of the hottest music stars in the world Kat Vertez ( Jennifer Lopez ) as she realizes the man she loved and was going to marry has a very unfaithful past. Watch her make a split second decision that will ultimately change her life forever.

The acting throughout Marry me is incredible, I was engaged the whole time following the story line. In a classic romantic film, there is some crazy and unrealistic turn that would NEVER happen in real life. But, what I liked about this film is that every emotion that was felt, every challenge, the way they dealt with conflict was all so real. I could sit there and relate to the whirlwind romance.

While J-Lo and Owen both gave great performances, there was just one thing that was a bit off… The genuine chemistry between them. They are both amazing actors and had beautiful chemistry with other characters throughout the film. But when it came to Kat and Charlie it almost felt like they really were just acting. 

Which was a shame because they both have starred in some incredible and memorable rom-coms before. But, it just didn’t quite hit the mark in the realistic love department. 

Other than that, seeing the story unfold was truly entertaining and magical. A classic cheesy and well written rom-com that will pull on your heartstrings a little bit.



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