Books that gave us a massive hangover

I’ll be straight up, I have had my fair share of cocktail and wino related hangovers that left me for dead. I thought this was something only alcohol could give to you. Apparently not.

You guys know what I mean by book hangovers. It’s that moment when you finally reach the end of a book that has gripped you and you are either emotionally drained, cursing like a sailor or you have unwittingly become a silent mess thinking WTF is life.

There are many symptoms of a book hangover and it differs for everyone, but to share in our bookish misery, we’ve put together some of our favourite books (both adult and YA) that left us a little emotionally exhausted.

me before you

Hangover level: Existential crisis.

What is life. What are emotions. Why even bother.

You like emotional rollercoasters? Read this book.

There is something inherently soulful about watching two people fall in love and what I really enjoyed about this book – and subsequently the movie – is that there is a journey that happens from the moment they meet to the moment they share their first kiss.

I just want to give the finger to that ending though because while deep down I know it was the perfect wrap up, I am still mad as hell. Emotions wrecked.

Check out my review.

Hangover level: Blackout.

What just happened?

These twists are chilling.

Only Daughter pulled me out of a massive reading slump with it’s witty characters and dark/eerie mystery that overshadowed the whole story.

Every now and then I thought I’d figured out what was going on but it isn’t till the last minute that the story comes full circle with some surprising and disturbing twists.

This is creepy AF but well worth the ride.

only daughter

a conjuring of light

Hangover level: Kamikaze.

Do not come near me, I’m still processing.

This book was much darker, edgier and far more mysterious than the previous books but that beloved tone and sharp writing that made me fall in love with this series still exists at its core. Schwab is a genius and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.


I could never write a review for this book because it would be full of overexcited and overused f-bombs but just know, if you like complicated characters and don’t mind some magic thrown in the mix, then this is a series for you.

epic reads

It ends with us

Hangover level: False security.

Woke up fine, an hour later on the floor.

This is one of those books that you need to read. There is no exception.

A romance that grabs you by the heartstrings and takes you for a ride; you won’t be the same after reading this. It is heartwarmingly gooey and at the same time emotionally exhausting.

The main characters feel like people you’d find in every day life and their charms and struggles leap off the page.

Hands down, the best Colleen Hoover book I’ve ever read.

Hangover level: Apocalyptic.

Need snacks, hugs and a nap every 15 minutes.

Even though this is a YA book and not intended for an adult audience, this 20-something gal loved it. Loved it.

After meeting the author a few years ago, I read this book differently because it was like I could feel her heart and soul poured into every page.

Everything in this book is fast paced, full of action and the characters are that sweet mix of badass, complicated and completely charming. An explosive addition to the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, I didn’t stop thinking about this book for months after I read it.


a court of mist and fury

before i go to sleep

Hangover level: Eyes wide open.

Head spinning and no sleep.

Ugh, this book!

A mine field of psychological drama, this book is such a thrill to read and has such an unnerving twist that I couldn’t put it down and then couldn’t let it go.

Following a woman who loses her memory at the end of each night when she goes to sleep, an interesting premise, the author takes things up a notch when he throws in some strange video tapes and some creepy characters that help unfold the mystery slowly while building incredible tension.

Brilliantly executed and well worth the read if you love a thriller. Just prepare yourself.

Written by Her World’s bookworm and entertainment editor

Is there a book that left you with a ‘hangover’ afterwards?

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