Three Festive Friendsmas Games

If you love a good party you’ll be wanting to add a Friendsmas event to your diary. Christmas is about being around the ones you love and that includes your best friends. If you’re living away from family or you just want to have a joyous get together, then throwing a friendsmas is for you.

If you haven’t heard of a friendsmas it’s basically a festive Christmas get together, except with a bunch of your best gal pals. The key to throwing a good party is a combination of games, music and food. I’ve got three games that will have you laughing and having the time of your lives so that you don’t have to worry about planning those!

Christmas Charades

Who doesn’t love a classic game of charades? Split your guests into two teams and get ready to guess all things Christmas related. If you wanted to include your friends in the planning why not get them to RSVP to your invite with their favourite Christmas movie or song! Then you can collate your own smorgasboard of Christmas related ideas. Simply put all the ideas into a hat and divide your guests into two teams. The team who guesses the most actions correctly and
quickly wins.

candy cane

Candy Cane Crush

This game is loads of fun. Set it up by placing a pile of candy canes in the middle of the table and a bowl at each end. Divide your guests into two teams and then get one person from each team to verse each other. How you play is that you set the timer for one minute. Each player must hook as many candy canes as possible and place into their own bowl. The catch is the candy cane must be in your mouth! You have to hook and pick up the other candy canes without your hands. The person who has the most candy canes in their bowl after a minute is the winner. It’s alot trickier than it sounds so give it a go and see who wins!


Can you draw Saint Nick?

This sounds like a pretty straight forward game, right? But I can guarantee it will provide plenty of laughs. Each guest puts a paper plate on their head and they have five minutes to draw the best picture they can of old Saint Nick. Don’t forget the little details like his glasses, ears and his nostrils! If you want to make it a little harder then challenge your guests to draw a full body Santa Claus. How difficult would it be to draw Santa’s belt without looking when it’s already tricky to do so on a normal drawing?! Some of your guests’ drawing may be something that resembles a five year old’s piece of art work but you may discover a hidden Picasso amongst your friends.

These games are so much fun and always prove to be a hit with friends. Combine these great games with some gorgeous decorations and yummy food and we’ve set you up for a successful night.

Comment below and let us know what your favourite christmas game to play is. Merry Christmas to you all!

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