Movies To Watch At Your Next Low-Key Girls Night

Catching up with your girlfriends doesn’t mean you have to get dressed up and hit the town. If you’re planning a night-in full of wine, cheese platters and gossip, throw a few good movies on the list to top off what’ll be a fun and chill evening.

the hustle

Starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, The Hustle is a fairly predictable watch that thrives on the chemistry between the two leading ladies.

Both women star as con artists, lying and deceiving their way through life to varying degrees of success. When a chance encounter and a bet lead to the women joining forces to con a tech millionaire, their skills and their morals are put to the test.

A remake of a remake, the film has some great comedic moments that give the film new life and this pair that don’t make sense provide some light-hearted relief from an otherwise average script.

One to pop on with a pitcher of margarita while you chat with your girls.

long shot

An unexpected hit, The Long Shot is a hilarious comedy that plays on the far-fetched nature of the political world and the natural chemistry between Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. The film follows Fred (Rogen), a journalist, who reunites with his one-time babysitter Charlotte (Theron), now the US Secretary of State.

Full of one to many cringe-worthy moments, hilarious hijinks and surprisingly a lot of heart, this comedy duo delivers an entertaining film that makes the perfect watch with your girlfriends.

Just a word of warning, maybe don’t watch this one with mum.


The NZ made musical that was the talk of the town, Daffodils is a wildly charming film that is full of sweet and complicated characters.

Daffodils follows Rose (Rose McIver) and Eric who fall in love in the 1950s. Dealing with separation, parental disapprovals, parenthood and a family secret that could destroy their marriage, what unfolds is a beautiful and bittersweet love story that will leave a smile on your face.

With remakes of classic songs by artists like Dave Dobbyn and Bic Runga, you can’t help but be swept away in this little love story and all its musical charm.


Set in the 1920s (swoon) and written by the creator of Downton Abbey, The Chaperone centers on the teenage Louise Brooks, who ventures to study dance at the Denishawn school in New York City in the company of a chaperone.

I loved this movie! Completely different to what I had imagined the film to be, The Chaperone is a beautiful and charming look into the journey’s of two women in very different stages of their lives.

Wonderfully acted and backed by an emotionally sensitive and witty script, The Chaperone is a great movie for anyone who loves a period drama.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge Keira Knightley fan but this movie was so stunning it gave me all the damn feels. Set following the end of the rarely depicted WWII, the beautiful British Rachel (Keira Knightley) is lonely and grieving the loss of her only child. In the hope that she can fill the void and spend more time with her British Colonel husband Lewis (Jason Clarke), she relocates to Germany to be with him. They find themselves in a Downton Abbey situation bunking up with hottie German house owner Stefan (Alexsander Skarsgard) and his daughter. Stefan is also struggling with his own loss and personal fall-out in post war Germany.

Not without its flaws, this film dives deep into the drama and will have you wishing you wore your waterproof mascara.

her world billieWritten by Billie Turei

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