Curl Up On The Couch This Winter With These Great Movies

Rainy days provide the perfect excuse to stay in your PJs and curl up on the couch which some snacks and a marathon of movies. If you’re looking for something new to watch, check out a few of our recent must-watch movies that we’ve been telling everyone about.

Instant Family

With two veteran actors at the helm and more heart than you can handle, Instant Family follows a couple or go through the process of adopting a teen and her two younger siblings.

I loved this movie so much I’ve seen it three times already. Well cast and full of honest moments that nay family can relate to, the heart of this movie lies with Byrne and Wahlberg, two people who are doing their best to create a home. With a defiant teen who tests their will, a son who cries at everything and a daughter who has some great one-liners, the film rounds out with an ending that leaves a smile on your face and a few tears in your eyes.

With a cast that shares natural chemistry, laugh-out-loud antics, tender moments and a representation of family that I was loving, Instant Family is the feel good movie you can watch with ease.

Greta has a 90’s vibe and delivers a smart and gripping thriller which includes a stellar performance by Isabelle Huppert, someone I was not aware of but suddenly who I’m a massive fan of.

After Frances (Moretz) finds a handbag on a subway, she returns it to its owner Greta (Huppert), a lonely woman who seems friendly at first but who you just know has something sinister going on.

What unfolds is a twisted tale with a psychopathic stalker at the helm.

Not a perfect movie by any means, Greta is still a really entertaining watch that provides some edge of your seat thrills and a whole lot of drama.

This is definitely worth the watch.

captain marvel

So I’m not a comic book person and everything I know about superheroes comes from these movie adaptations but when I saw the trailer for this movie I thought a female superhero – yes please!

Brie Larson shines as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. A Hollywood Queen and an absolute delight on social media, watching her kickass and take names in what has largely been a male dominated genre was a complete joy. Breathing life into this smart, complex and badass character, Larson steals every scene she is in and I could happily watch her go back-and-forth with Samuel L. Jackson all day long.

This film was so much fun and thankfully, really well done. The characters are strong, the story gritty and the action sequences explosive, so much so that Captain Marvel has quickly become one of my new favourite superhero movies.

If beale street

Based on a book and set in a racially charged New York during the 1970s, If Beale Street Could Talk is a love story that follows Tish and her fiancé Alonzo, a couple who are forced to live a new normal when Alonzo is arrested for a crime he did not commit.

The characters and the storyline are really well fleshed out so there is enough depth to the characters lives, love story and community to stop the film from feeling stagnant during the slower parts.

I love Regina King in everything she does so it is no surprise to me that she delivers a phenomenal performance in this film right alongside the other actors.

A beautiful movie with flawless performances and a lot of heart, If Beale Street Could Talk is one to not let slip off your radar.

Before we get into it, I just want to say one thing – stick with it, it gets better.

I became an instant fan of Taraji P. Henson after seeing Hustle & Flow many years ago and since then, I’ve basically watched everything she’s been in. Needless to say I was excited to watch this film that looked like it had great comedy beats and a hilarious cast.

The film follows Ali, a sports agent who keeps being railroaded by her male co-workers, that is until she develops the ability to hear men’s thoughts. What unfolds is a mix of hilarious and uncomfortable hijinks that help Ali excel in her career and has flow on effects for her personal life.

Not original by any means, this movie is still a pretty decent watch if you can get passed some of the cringier moments.

Written by Emily Blake

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