Winter 2022 Fashion with Rickie Dee

Winter fashion can be scary. Am I layering correctly? What coat matches this outfit? Boots or sneakers? We have so many questions! Suprette co-founder Rickie Dee has helped us answer your burning fashion q’s. Fashion is all about self expression, but in these coolers months don’t forget to wrap up. It’s cold out there!

Describe 2022 winter fashion in 5 words 

Cosy. Neutral. Suiting. Fluffy knits. Denim. 

What are your favourite winter staples?

A trench coat. A cosy knit. Chunky scarf. A good pair of denim. A cashmere knit. Some sort of shacket. A wool shacket to layer underneath a trench. 

Layering top tip?

It’s nice to play with different colours and textures. A shacket or a knit underneath a chunkier style jacket works really well. The idea with layering is that as you move indoors and things like that, that you can strip each layer off and accommodate to the climate. 


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What is a winter trend you will not be partaking in this year? Why?

The chunky boot. I love it on everybody else, but it’s just not for me. I’ve got a smaller sized foot and it seems to overpower every outfit that I attempt to wear. But I love it on others. 

How would you change a winter outfit from office to outing quickly? 

A classic style jacket. Whether it be a blazer or a trench coat, I think it instantly takes you from the office into night time. Also popping on a heel!

What is your favourite piece of outerwear? How would you style it?

At the moment my favourite would be the Charlotte Trench coat. I’m wearing that usually with a pair of leather leggings, with a knee high boot or just a mid ankle boot, and a knit. 

What should be our go-to winter footwear for 2022?

I kind of flip from going into a sneaker zone, but then also love a good pump heel, and then a slipper at home. 


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