Rewriting the Rules of Winter Fashion

While the weather may be so cold that we dream of hibernating inside while watching endless amounts of Netflix, the reality is that we simply can’t. Life still goes on and we still have responsibilities to attend to – and fashion to flaunt!

As fashion changes with the years there are some winter fashion rules that are just made to be broken – and this is the year that we do it.

Have fun with your style and see what works for you. #Shopthelook below.

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Faux fur is in

Faux fur is the warmest, softest thing that you can chuck on this winter. It gives a high fashion vibe and adds a bit of flair to everyday life.

Turtlenecks aren’t just for skiers

Generally speaking, when your skiing on the slopes you want ultimate warmth so you reach for your turtleneck. Well 2019 is the year that you embrace the turtle neck skivvy. It’s multipurpose design provides warmth and is fashionable. Enhance the look of the turtleneck by layering long necklaces over top. It’s the small attention to detail that will give your look and your confidence an extra boost.

Keep your maxi skirts out

Just because summer has passed doesn’t mean you should throw your maxi skirts to the back of the wardrobe. Maxi skirts are chic, fun and perfect for winter when paired with a pair of thick tights. Anything over 100 denier will keep you warm in winter and you can go with either skin colour or dark opaque. These won’t be very visible so it doesn’t matter which you choose.

Alternatively wet look tights are great

If skirts really aren’t your thing then grab a pair of wet look tights. These give a rocker chick kind of vibe and instant glam. For an easy everyday outfit simply pair your wet look tights with ankle boots, a shirt and oversized boyfriend jumper and your ready to go. An easy outfit which is sure to bring out your inner rockstar.

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Don’t be afraid to break the rules a little. What’s your winter fashion must-have?

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