3 Ways to Subtly Add Colour This Winter

Contrary to popular opinion, winter makeup doesn’t have to be all dark lip with no eyeshadow. As it starts to get colder and colder outside, think of using your makeup to warm up the icy mornings.

Don’t be shy when it comes to wearing a pop of colour on your face. Following these three tips you can start subtly and add to it as your heart desires.


Coloured eyeliner

Sometimes it’s easy to feel drawn to a cold colour palette but by embracing a coloured eyeliner you can easily highlight some of your best features. You can go straight in and use the coloured eyeliner alone or to tone it down slightly by pairing it with your usual black liner and layering the coloured
one over the top. See what you feel comfortable doing. A traditional black liner with blue above is always a nice and easy combination to begin with.


The easiest way to add colour and the quickest is to use a coloured lipstick. It could be a beautiful soft pink or lavender if you prefer. You don’t have to stick to traditional lipsticks either and you could opt for a gloss. The benefit of using a gloss is that they are hydrating, subtle and most glosses have a small amount of tint in them.

Pink or peach blush

Blush has many benefits to your appearance including making you look a little warmer. In winter it’s best to skip applying to the apples of your cheek and apply slightly higher up on your cheekbone. You don’t have to use the rosiest blush you can find either, sometimes something a little more peach based is actually more subtle and natural looking. Blush in winter is best paired with a little mascara on your natural skin.

So don’t be so quick to put your makeup away completely until next summer. Keep a few essentials handy on your bedside table to add a little colour this winter.


What’s your favourite way to add a pop of colour to your makeup or outfit during winter?

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