3 Foods That Help Reduce Acne

Beauty 101 – Beauty is from the inside out. This we know. Feeling good on the inside always means looking good on the outside. But some things we just can’t change (thanks a bunch, genetics!). One of those things is acne.

A lot of people suffer from acne and it is nothing to be ashamed about. If there is anything we can do to help ourselves feel better and help our skin out a little then of course it’s worth giving a shot. Some people even say that changing up your diet can help reduce the appearance of acne. Read on to see what three foods may bring you some luck.



Gherkins, pickles, whatever you call them, these salty little characters aren’t for everyone but they are a great source of probiotic which encourage your gut to make healthy bacteria. If your keen to try adding gherkins to your diet to help with acne it’s important that you always read the label. If the gherkins are made with vinegar then they will not contain any probiotics so look for pickled gherkins for the best results.



Salmon is a key ingredient to eat when your wanting to reduce acne. It is full of omega 3 which will not only help to rid the acne but it can also help to stabilise your hormones. Posh Spice is known to eat a daily serving of salmon which helps to successfully overcome her hormonal acne so if it’s working for Posh Spice then it might work for you too. Add fish for lunch to the menu next time your at the supermarket.


Who doesn’t love a good avo!? This superfood may be a little more expensive this time of year at the supermarket but it has some good properties to fight the appearance of acne. Rich in vitamin E this will increase your skin’s vitality and vitamin C which reduces inflammation. Just another reason to splurge on the avos!

Have you found that your diet affects your acne? What foods do you notice irritates your acne as well? I would love to hear your tips!

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