5 Beauty Hacks You Can Use Coconut Oil For

Coconut oil seems to be the miracle oil we all need in our lives. You can cook with it, bake with it and it can also be your ‘secret weapon’ when it comes to your beauty routine. Read on to find out just what magic tricks a small container of coconut oil can be used for.

A makeup remover

Who doesn’t love a makeup remover that leaves your skin soft as opposed to feeling raw and dry? If you have coconut oil handy then simply warm it up with warm water until soft then massage onto your face. Remove with a warm wet face cloth.

You can shave with it

Shaving with coconut oil leaves your skin feeling silky smooth afterwards. Because coconut oil is super hydrating there is no need to apply moisturiser after your shave. Simply rub it on your legs, shave as usual and voila!

An overnight face mask

If your skin tends to be super dry then you can even use coconut oil as an overnight facemask. Simply rub a bit onto your skin and head off to dreamland. In the morning simply wash your face as normal. But be warned, this does leave a little residue on your pillow case and should only be done when you have super dry skin. The coconut oil will leave your face moisturized and super soft.

On cracked heels

Confession – my feet are my least favorite part of my body because of my cracked and scaly heels!. They sometimes hurt when I’ve been on my feet all day so I rub a bit of coconut oil onto them and then chuck a pair of socks on before I go to sleep. In the morning your feet will be as good as gold!

As a massage oil

We’re all dreaming of a tropical getaway, are we not? The closest we may get to one at the moment is by massaging ourselves in a little coconut oil. The scent will transport you to the islands and it will leave your skin soft. You can even get coconut oil infused with beautiful scents like frangipani for the really tropical feel.


Written by Analesha Little

A beauty guru with a love for travel, wine and Uber Eats, Analesha enjoys writing about everything from makeup to motherhood and all the sassy bits in between. 

Favourite quote: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”


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