Winter Fashion Trends you Should Hop Onto

Okay, winter is officially here which means no more cute dresses or skirts. But that’s okay, because we’ve found the best winter fashion trends that you should hop onto. Trust me when I say that this will change you winter fashion game from 0 to 100 real quick!

Pop of colour

I know you love wearing your all black outfits during winter just as much as me. It is time to jump out of your comfort zone and throw a pop of colour in there. Whether its an orange coat or a pair of blue boots. This trend is about staying warm but not letting our clothes engulf our figure! It is time to be different and wear fashion the way you like it…. even when its cold. Don’t conform the the black outfit ladies!


The classic blazer had finally come back into style! You can walk around looking like a boss babe and a fashionista at the same time… It is a win win! Whether it’s your 9-5 or a drink with the girls, chuck on your slightly over-sized blazer and cuff those sleeves. Bam! You look like you belong on the cover of vouge!


A winter staple that will probably never go out of style. This winter we are obsessing over the thick knit jumpers that look like you grandma made them! You can always find these beauties at the thrift store, so you’ll be banging on a budget. Pair with mom jeans or a wide leg pant and you’ll have heads turning!


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Layering is not only stylish but the best way to keep you warm this winter. 4 layers? No problem! Make sure to match your layers so they are visible as their own item and throw on your over sized trench coat with some booties and you’re ready to hit the town.

Turtle neck

These go hand in hand with layering! Use a turtle neck over a singlet or as your first layer. Now you are able to start with a timeless simple base piece that looks stunning with almost anything else. These get bonus points because they keep those double chins warm.(maybe that’s just me but hey)


If you don’t want to jump of the pop of colour trend, I have another perfect trend that you will love. Neutrals! Whether your neutral is a tan, mocha or brow. Mix and match items of the same colour using all these trends to create the perfect winter outfit!

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