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It’s time to amp up that style! We all love to look classy, polished and fashion-able, but everyone can’t afford a boutique closet. That’s why I’m here. I have 20 tips on how to achieve this elegant look we all dream of, for a lot less.

First find what style you want. What you feel beautiful and confident in. You must also understand your aesthetic so you can remove items that don’t fit into certain criteria.

Next step is to review your entire wardrobe. Now you’ve chosen the style you know you enjoy and feel confident in it’s time to sculpt your wardrobe into that aesthetic. This means taking an afternoon to try everything you own on. Create piles like keeps, selling, trades and donating. Be honest with yourself and think about your new style journey ahead of you.

Then use have to make the effort to but those clothes up for sale. Let the motivation of more money keep you going. You can do this on a community Facebook page, Trade me, local markets, clothing sites. Whatever suits you. You can go to clothing swaps to give away your clothes and possibly pick up some gems. Also, all thrift stores, charity shops and most organisations take clothing donations.

Now your closet is fresh and ridden of ill fitting, unworn clothes. Its time to shop!

Shopping tips

  1. A small closet full of quality and good fitting clothing is far better than a huge closet full of ill, fitting cheap clothes.

Think about the quality of your clothes and how long they will last. Kmart all good and well but 5 washes later it will look completely different to when you bought it.

  1. Shop in store not online.

In store you get to try clothes on, feel them out, see the quality and create stunning outfits IRL. Compared to online where you see the clothes based on a photo shopped image on a slim model. Buying online may seem cheap. But once you pay for shipping, realize it doesn’t fit you or its poor quality you have to then pay shipping to return it. Spending a Sunday in a mall with your gals is not only fun but a lot cheaper.

  1. Outlet Shopping

A true gift from the fashion gods. Why are you paying full price for an item when you can go to their outlet and get it for half the price. This also means if you can’t find the item you really want in an outlet store you know that you have to buy it full price. Nothing sucks more than paying full price to realize it was in their outlet store for 70% off.

  1. Don’t over buy

Here is a little math, if you have 20 tops, 10 pants, 5 shorts and 2 skirts that is 340 different outfits. That’s almost a different outfit everyday for a year.

  1. Quality over Quantity

Let’s say you have a fashion budget of $100 a month. Would you rather buy ten $10 t-shirts from K-mart that would last till the next month? Or would you buy 1 quality winter jacket that will last you for decades?

  1. Classic over Trend

Trends come and go but classic is forever. Spending a lot of money on trendy clothing means it won’t last. Soon the trend will end and you will never want to wear it again. Other than classic styles which will be around forever. Such as denim or leather jackets.

  1. Don’t over spend on basics

Spending majority of your money on basics is a crime. They’re replaceable and they will always be in store. Like a black t-shirt. Don’t go spending $360 on a simple tee when you can pick up a nice one that will last for $8.

  1. Menswear may also be cheaper

Surprise surprise menswear tends to be cheaper than women. If you’re looking for a specific item like maybe an over-sized blazer? Cheap out the menswear. It might be significantly cheaper than getting it from our section.

  1. Second-hand is your best-friend

Thrift stores are not only cheaper but you can find some diamonds in there! You’re also lowering textile waste on earth. If something doesn’t quite fit, if you have a sewing machine, alter it. After all its worth it. You’re saving money and the planet!

  1. Stick to basic colours

If you are going for elegant, expensive and classy. Stick to the neutral and basic colours. You can add a pop of colour. But wearing these bright colours tends to make an outfit look cheaper. If you are going for a classic, and polished look, wearing a neon pink chunky belt might not make the cut.

  1. Be careful of all white outfits

I LOVE ALL WHITE OUTFITS, but one thing you have to look out for is the fact that when wearing white or even neutrals. The fabrication becomes so more obvious. Natural fabrics like linen, cotton and wool will fall nicely and hug the body. Compared to synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon, which are man-made fabrics. These will look cheaper and not sit on your body properly.

Now go be a fashionista! Be confident and don’t pretend to be someone your not!

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