One Puffer Vest Three Ways

I’m sure we can all agree that puffer vests are one of the most iconic pieces of winter fashion that every one needs. We all need at least one, and I’m about to show you how versatile the puffer vest is.

The classic puffer

The most common way that you can wear a puffer vest is to put it on as your final layer of outerwear. It provides comfort and style, with nearly every second person you meet wearing it this way.

You can always add a little bit of difference to your outfit by using a different coloured puffer vest. A nice khaki vest will make you subtly stand out from the crowd whilst not being too loud.


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Open puffer

Having an open puffer vest with a long sleeve textured top is a very stylish way to wear a puffer. Something with texture like stripes, checkers or a small pattern over it adds a nice variety into your outfit.

Leaving the puffer vest open means that you can close it when you need to but also showcase the stripes underneath which can make your torso look longer.


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The “ultimate comfort” puffer vest

Let’s be honest, the days are still really cold so we need to think about comfort as well as warmth. You can stylishly add some warmth to your puffer by taking a standard puffer and pairing it with a knitted turtleneck underneath. This can be worn both open and undone and paired with your comfiest pair of jeggings underneath.

Pair with sneakers for your early morning commute to work and slip on some wedges once you’re there!


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I’d love to see how you keep up with the trends and show just how versatile your puffer vest is! What is your favourite way to wear a puffer?

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