Tips for the Best Fitted Bra

Bras, much like the breasts they cup, come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter the size, style, whether it’s demi, full, wire, wirefree, or whatever look you’re going for, something seamless and subtle or a knockout cleavage in a colour that pops, one thing all our breasts share the need for and can benefit from is a proper fit!

For over 100 years Berlei have been creating bras that support women of every age, shape and size, so she can always feel her very best. Everything created is thoughtfully designed to make women feel comfortable and confident.

We were invited to sample the bra that makes an impression, without leaving one! Berlei’s most innovative bra to date, UnderState, is a collection that doesn’t draw attention to itself. Invisible under clothes and sitting comfortably against the skin, the range delivers multiple coverage and styles that provide shaping, lifting, smoothing, softness and ultimate comfort. We left with a set of well fitted, seam-free, super soft and comfortable UnderState bras and briefs, and 4 of the top tips for fitting your bra.

Correct bra size

  • The correct bra size is most important. Your bra should easily do up on the middle hood with no spillage over the sides. Fastening on the middle hook allows you to let it out when it feels tight, which usually happens in the afternoons, and tighten as the bra stretches over time.
Berlei UnderState Bra

Putting it on

  • When putting your bra on, bend over so your breasts fit well into the cup, then straighten pulling your breasts further into the cup for a comfy fit. With two fingers spread your breasts from the middle out so there’s no excess flesh between them, creating a nice cleavage.
Berlei UnderState bra

Bra straps

  • Straps should always be tightened and adjusted to allow two fingers to fit under the strap on the shoulder. As we know straps notoriously slide down, so they need to be adjusted regularly!
Berlei UnderState bra

Bra care

  • To care for bras, underwires included, hand washing is best but if machine washed always fasten bras and pop in a laundry bag. By fastening them prior to washing, you lessen the chances of underwires breaking or popping out.
Berlei UnderState bra

The new Berlei UnderState range encourages women to invest in yourself, prioritise style, comfort and the best support daily. We can only add to then go about your life without another thought to what’s going on under your shirt!

When was the last time you had a bra fitting?

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