This Summer We’re Loving: Ardell

Summer is here, that means summer parties are taking place all over our calendars. What better way to really impress the crowd than with a lash! Ardell is a staple in every woman’s makeup collection and this summer is no different. Check out some of the amazing products we got to try out!

Magnetic Liner and Lashes

Eyeliner lovers listen up! If you love doing a wing, these lashes are perfect. Simply apply your liner how you like and the lashes just pop right on. There is no glue, no hassle, no stress. These lashes are reusable and you are given a pot full of liner for months of use! If throughout the day or night your lash looks a little funky… no problem just pull it off and apply it straight back onto the magnetic liner! It really is as easy as that.


Naked Lashes 

Now these are my all time favourite! I will always go back to using the Ardell Naked Lashes as they really are just that perfect. Whether you are trying to level up a basic look or just adding a bit of a pop to your smokey eye, these really do the trick. I always use the DUO glue and am able to happily apply them using just my fingers ( it takes a lot of practice ) But if you need some help with applying the Ardell Lash Applicator has saved my and some of my friends many times!

Individual Lashes 

Okay maybe you don’t love the look of strip lashes… That is A-OK try the individual lashes! You can add as many or as few as possible. You can nail a perfect cat eye or full and voluminous eye. I love using these to just add a bit of a kick to my looks. Layer the individuals together for extra volume or add a few across your eye for a sultry and sexy natural eye.

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