Should You Use A Bronzer During Winter?

We all want that fresh off the beach, bronzed look – the post holiday glow which lasts all year long. How nice would it be to be able to look like we have just walked off a tropical island without actually paying all of that money to get there?

While we are in the trenches of winter it seems hard to think that we will ever get back to those warm days where sun-kissed skin comes naturally. During those summer days we use a bronzer religiously … it becomes a handbag essential. But should we pack it away until the warmer weather comes back?


Why use a bronzer in winter?

First, let’s establish what the purpose of a bronzer actually is. A bronzer is used to give the impression of a sun-kissed glow. You can also use a bronzer to darken and contour areas of the skin, just like you would use colouring-in pencils in a colouring-in book to achieve shade and light. So if ever there is a time to rely on a bronzer it is definitely in the winter months!

Winter makes us feel cold inside and out and to make matters worse our skin climatises to the environment, meaning that our skin will be at its lightest colour.

Start using a bronzer to your advantage and apply it to where the sun would naturally hit your face, which is just under your cheekbones. A subtle matte bronzer paired with a rosy blush is a combo which will make you look instantly healthier.

To ensure an even smoother application, mix together a small amount of powdered bronzer with your daily moisturiser on the back of your hand. Liquid products tend to go on easier during the colder months and there really is no need to go out and purchase new makeup just for winter. Using moisturiser will also hydrate your skin which your skin will thank you for in the long run.

So with a swift flick of a brush which contains a little bronzer, you can instantly look healthier and happier while giving your confidence a boost.

Lets keep on faking it until summer arrives. You got this!


Written by Analesha Little

A beauty guru with a love for travel, wine and Uber Eats, Analesha enjoys writing about everything from makeup to motherhood and all the sassy bits in between. 

Favourite quote: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”


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