Say It With Jewellery

The perfect piece of jewellery can say so much, from congrats, to Happy Mother’s Day, and of course, I love you.

Jewellery speaks volumes and that’s why jeweller Michael Hill thinks about the reasons behind the purchase, and designs timeless pieces that bring out your best. These gifting and permanent collections have a really rich and interesting story to tell – each piece unique and beautiful.

Whether you’re looking at buying something special for a friend, family member or loved one – or just looking to treat yourself. Michael Hill helps you choose the perfect gift – one that will be treasured forever.

Knots Collection

A good knot is not an accident. It’s something deliberate. Every knot has a purpose.

Christine Hill’s new design takes a practical, purposeful idea, the knot, and transforms it into a thing of beauty. Exquisitely crafted and effortlessly chic, each knot is a tangible reminder to hold on to everything that’s most precious, your hopes, your dreams, your loved ones.

You can wear it as a promise to yourself that the thing you’ve chosen to do, will be done. Wear it as a reminder that love is when two people get tied together in the best possible way.

Spirits Bay Collection

The Spirits Bay collection takes inspiration from Totorere shells, shaped by the elements; they are the purest, most graceful form to transform into a celebration of resiliency and strength, brought to life in precious metal.

“Whether worn as a symbol of achievement, a celebration of your own inner strength, or given as a gift in recognition of remarkable grace under pressure, I believe the purity and simplicity of the design speaks to the spirit of strong women everywhere. Women who have pursued their dreams wholeheartedly, who have persevered and never given up.” – Christine Hill

Infinitas Collection

Looking for something simple and tangible? The Infinitas Collection is a personal statement of care and companionship, support and constancy.

You’ll know when the time is right, when all the talk of what you have together needs to come together in a symbol. In a world where so many live minute to minute, Infinitas is a bond across time. As much time as you have. All the time in your world.

Gifting and jewellery purchases don’t have to always be around big occasions such as Christmas or Birthdays, they’re also about creating memories and using jewellery as a way to symbolise these moments, big or small.

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