6 Board Games for a Night In

Don’t want to go out? No problem! That doesn’t mean we can’t make some amazing memories with a night at home. This calls for a game night. Whether that is with friends, family or your partner. We have some of the best games you can play! 

Cards Against Humanity 

I will say it over and over again. I love this game. It is full of laughs and memories. This is better played with large groups, and if you’re willing to bring out your dark humour with family. I would try to keep this to a 16+ age player rule. It can get quite dark and sexual in some parts. 

My friends and I love to play this around a dining table with a few glasses of wine. I feel bad for our neighbours because we are laughing our faces off. 

I can’t recommend this enough! Everyone needs to play it at least once.


The Clue Board game is simply a must. Let me repeat it’s a “staple” to every family’s game set especially at times like this where we are at home. The game is a classic. If you’re unfamiliar with game play it’s still easy enough to dive into and follow the instructions as you go. 

It’s not only fun, but it also makes you rethink tactics, making it perfect for older children and adults. This match is not just fun, but it really allows you to think.

Everyone is playing for themselves!

Codenames Game

Our friends brought this to one of our Game Nights, and I have to admit that I was a little sceptical based on the corny “spy” theme and the overall look of the packaging. Boy oh boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

Codenames is a game where players must guess someone’s codeword through word association. This game may be best suited for older audiences as it can get quite confusing. 


This game is so much fun with a lot of people playing together. I love this game because the answers can be so crazy when you have a short amount of time to answer. Definitely a great family night game.

It seems to bring out the best, funniest, and your wittiest words for different categories on the spot.

It is a fast-thinking game of categories and words, roll the die, flip the sand timer and think of answers to each category on the category list. You race against the timer as players write down answers such as things in a musical group, a vegetable, a reason to have a party and items found in a bakery each beginning with the letter C. Score points for writing down things no one else did. The more creative the answers, the more points you score.


Everyone has seen at least one funny video of friends or family playing incoherent. Each card has a combination of words on the front that, when recited out loud, sound like the phrase written on the back. For example, try reciting “thirds teeth or stay” out loud. Can you hear the hidden phrase? Listen closely… you’ve been saying “thirsty Thursday.” 

After playing this game for a while you realise you have been playing for hours! It is so much fun so you have a lot of giggles.


Ah the classic card game where everyone just swears at each other.  It is a game of deception. All cards are dealt. You go around the circle placing cards face down saying what cards you are putting down. It is typically done in number order (K, Q, J, 10 etc…) If you think someone is lying about the card they are putting down. You call out the name of the game. If they put down the correct cards they said you must pick up all of the cards that are down, if you are correct the liar must pick up all the cards.

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