Tea… it’s so much more than just a cuppa

It’s Winter. It’s 6:30 am and it’s foggy. Looking out my window as I drag myself out of bed, I struggle to think past the next ten minutes. Dressing gown, kettle on…..then it’s just me, the morning news and a hot cup of tea. Sounds like heaven, right?

However, what I have discovered is this. Besides being warm, comforting and soothing, my morning cup of tea can also have hundreds of health benefits….and as long as I choose the right brew, my morning cuppa has the potential to be exactly what this busy woman needs to kick start her day.

hot cup of tea
black tea

Black Tea

We have all enjoyed a good strong brew of black tea. English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Ceylon….whatever your choice, a beautiful cup of milky black tea can hit the spot on chilly Winter mornings. But did you know that your standard cup of black tea is also hitting the spot on a number of health fronts as well?

Besides being filled to the brim with antioxidants and helping to decrease damage on a cellular level, black tea can also have an amazing effect on your overall gut health. The antioxidants found in black tea can promote the growth of good bacteria and inhibit the growth of the bad. Black tea also contains antimicrobial properties that can improve overall health and immunity by helping repair the lining of the digestive tract.

We’ve all heard of English Breakfast tea, but it’s always exciting to put your own spin on tradition.

New Zealand Breakfast, by tleafT is an amazing start to the day, blending New Zealand Manuka with traditional strong Assam tea leaves.

Green Tea

Referred to as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, green tea is packed with antioxidants and nutrients. It’s great for your body, both inside and out, with numerous internal health bonuses, as well as possibly helping you to achieve glowing and younger looking skin. Green tea has also been shown to increase metabolic rate, assisting in fat burning and weight loss. With numerous benefits to brain function and dental health, as well as possibly lowering your risk of some cancers and Type 2 Diabetes, adding a cup of green tea to your daily routine is a must.

Organic New Zealand based tea producers, Webster’s have created a smooth Sencha Chinese green tea, with light, brisk flavours for those wanting a straight green tea. For the more adventurous women of the world, try the stunning Lime Ginger tea, which combines the Sencha green tea with fresh citrus peels, lemon myrtle and spicy ginger. A definite palate pleaser!

Green tea
herbal tea

Herbal Tea

Once you make the move into the world of herbal teas, the possibilities, for both your health and your taste buds, are endless. Helping you step it up in almost all aspects of your life, a beautifully brewed herbal tea can be the answer to almost all of your issues. Sleep, anxiety, PMS, stress, beauty…the list goes on, and with a huge range of stunning herbal, (and often organic) teas available in New Zealand, it’s time to get adventurous and step outside of your tea comfort zone! With scintillating blends of herbs, citrus, floral cuts and tea leaves, herbal teas can give you that uplift that you require to get going in the early hours, or a soothing calm before you doze off for the night.

This writer’s favourite New Zealand based supplier of herbal teas is the boutique range of Forage & Bloom. Able to be brewed hot or cold, or even thrown in with a beautiful blended cocktail (and who doesn’t love that!), Forage & Bloom boasts a range of organic herbal teas that will hit the spot every time.

Looking to soothe your anxiety? Try the Repose blend of chamomile, lemon balm, rooibos and rose petals. Feeling the chill this winter? The KLG blend of kawa kawa, lemongrass and ginger, is designed especially for those poor circulation, reaching to those cold hands and feet, as well as providing numerous digestive benefits for when you are feeling a little sluggish.

Put the kettle on

So back to my chilly winter morning, complete with winter woolies, struggling to motivate myself for the busy day ahead. Who knew that my answer was right there in front of me, in my hot, comforting morning cup of tea. The only problem now is which one to choose! Are you a traditionalist, enjoying the benefits of the a soothing cup of Earl Grey? Are you after the nutrient packed benefits of a green tea? Or is a carefully mixed herbal more your style, meeting the needs of….well, just about anything! Whatever it is, a busy successful woman needs all the help she can get and what I’ve learnt? You can never underestimate the power of your morning cup of tea!

What tea lifts you up or calms you down?!

georgie tWritten by Georgie Trenwith

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