Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Do you find yourself exhausted everyday because you keep yourself up till late the night before?

Well there is a name for it! ‘ Revenge Bedtime Procrastination’

I do this often, where I have had a busy day at work, I’m exhausted, I get all the housework and cooking done and it is time for bed. I snuggle down, maybe watch a movie, scroll on the gram, and all of a sudden its 3 am. I have to get up in 5 hours to do it all again.

It’s a phrase “報復性熬夜” which was popularized by millennials and Gen Z in China, which literally translates to “sleepless night revenge.”

A lot of people do this because they don’t have control over their everyday life. So, we unintentionally refuse to sleep at night because we don’t want out free time to end and tomorrow to start.

The combination of an office workday, work-from-home life, keeping our things and life in check and a growing attachment to our technology will contribute to revenge bedtime procrastination. Everyone knows that we need time to rest to become productive, but when we are unable to find time to do this during the day, we will find it in other places even if it’s at the expense of our own sleep.

You are not alone in doing this. It has been shared across all social media platforms and the amount of people saying ‘ me too’ and ‘i do that’ is overwhelming.

It is all too common. But is it nice to know that is has a name and that you know that nothing is wrong with you.

How do we fix this?

Well it is actually an easy fix because, knowing you have a bit of free time everyday does help with general wellness. At the same time though, many things that have an effect on revenge bedtime procrastination, is feeling depressed, being burnt out and being unable to enjoy our day and so on, can actually be fixed by getting more sleep. Which is not the answer you wanna hear. But you really should be using your leisure time by sleeping.

Many people when they have free time, flop on the couch or bed and watch some TV, but in reality this doesn’t give us the well-being bump we think it does. The best thing to o is give yourself some time while it is still light outside, just to relax. This may be meditating, yoga or watching half an episode of your fav show.

Stop yourself throughout the day and check if you’re doing okay. This will stop the overpowering negative feelings. To stop the mindless scroll at night, we have to be okay listening and dealing with our own thoughts. Once we have control over these, sleeping will become easier.

But if we think of this in a positive light, revenge bedtime procrastination can seem like a love for life. We hinder our own sleep for one more funnyvideo, one more message from a friend, one more travel hack and tip. We don’t want to miss out on anything. But one big important thing we can’t miss is our sleep.

So lets work on this together!

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