12 Tricks To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Okay so you’ve got a small bedroom, well, no fear. We have some top tips that will make your humble abode feel and look bigger. No there is no construction involved, you just have to be willing to follow our tips!

  1. Don’t paint your walls dark colours!

Colours like red or black are a no-go for small rooms. Using dark colours allows the paint to absorb light. So, go for colours like white, cream or light pastels. This will keep the mood of the room lighter and give you a more fresh and airy feeling.

  1. Get rid of any furniture you don’t need

We can walk past a furniture store and see a really cute dresser we think we need, when in fact half of our closet is empty. Clutter will make your room feel smaller. I know having things in your room may feel nice, but they are taking up room and increasing your cleaning. So, do you really need that extra side table?

  1. Keep it simple

When you’re decorating your small room try and stick to one bold image or picture than multiple. Just the one bold image will bring attention to the simple wall rather than clutter.

  1. Stick to low furniture

Low furniture will make your small room look bigger. Keeping everything low will make your walls and ceiling appear larger. You can also try sleeping on a mattress as these can be easily stored in a wardrobe, this creates a lot of room when you’re not sleeping.

  1. Keep the lamp simple

When buying a lamp, stick to the simple ones. Also consider looking at smaller ones that don’t use a large shade or frame. Small table lamps will work perfectly. Stick to table lamps over floor lamps as they will take up less floor space.

  1. Try transparent furniture

Just like how you should keep your walls light, keep furniture light rather than dark or bulky. Yes it does take up the same space but it will keep your eyes moving.

  1. Skip the headboard

Headboards don’t have a huge purpose and take up space. Try opting for using shelves around your bed. This acts like a headboard and gives you more space in your small room.

  1. Mirrors are essential if you want your space to look bigger

Avoid having a dresser and place mirrors on your wardrobe. Not only does this save space, but it is aesthetically pleasing and very useful.

  1. Yes, the length of your curtains matter

When buying curtains for a small room, not only should you look for a good colour, but also make sure that they don’t touch the ground. This is because if you let the curtains touch the ground it stops the flow of the room. This is the same for furniture with legs, you have to let the eyes keep moving. So don’t let the curtains touch the floor and make sure you can see the legs of the furniture.

  1. Small rooms have small windows

To tackle this mount your drapes higher than the window frame. This will make them appear larger.

  1. Pay attention to your duvet cover

Stay away from bright and busy patterns, since the bed is the largest piece of furniture in your room keep it bright and simple. Light and bright sheets will always lift the mood.

  1. Keep it organised

This goes for any room, but in a small space keep everything organised and in its place. Clutter in a small room can really change its appearance and fast! Leaving the floor clean and your bed made will make your room appear larger than it is.

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