Carve Time Out of Your Busy Day For Yourself

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and you find yourself with no time to relax. Its important to have down time and relax. Stress really does some damage to your health as well as your mental health. So, here are some tips to help find time to do what you want to without feeling guilty.

What does ‘me time’ look like to you

Figuring out what your ‘me time’ is really can make a difference. For some its coffee in a café alone. For some its practising their makeup skills and for some its climbing up mountains. Find out what makes you happy and relaxed and prioritise that activity in your day to day life. If you know what you need, you can complete that task whenever you feel like you need it.

Need to find  space to have me time….

Wake up a little earlier

I know this sounds like hell. But it can make a world of a difference. I do this myself. Wake up 30 minutes to an hour earlier then when you need to up. This gives you some time in the morning to do what you want to do. Scroll through Instagram, go for a run, read a bit of that book. Let yourself wakeup and be happy. Waking up and rushing to work or a class is stressful, so set that alarm a little bit earlier and just enjoy your morning. Plus, this means you won’t be nodding off when arrive to where you need to be.

Actually, have a lunch break

We can get stuck to the routine of having lunch at our desk working. But really that time is for you to rest and not think about work or school. Get up have some food, and do what you want to do. It might be going for a walk, drawing in your sketch book, even meditating. But that time is carved out for you so make the most of it!

Plan ahead!

If you know you need a break, plan a little holiday or road trip. Not giving yourself time to organising can put an enormous burden on your happiness. Even with appointments, or events plan how you’re going to complete these tasks. Leaving everything up to the day doesn’t give you time to take your time. Keep a diary, know what’s happening so when you’re not busy, that is time for yourself to alleviate pressure and chill.

Listen to E-books and podcasts

Want to learn more but feel like reading isn’t your thing? Download some e-books or podcasts. To listen to on your commute, while exercising or even when you’re eating lunch. You can do 2 things at once. There are millions of interesting stories and knowledge that will tickle your fancy to check out!

Put that phone away!

Everyone knows we can get addicted to our phones. Aimlessly scrolling and reading twitter posts, wasting your precious free time. Put that phone in a draw, disconnect from the world and let your mind run free.

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