A guide to Spirituality with Gaia

Have you ever wondered about how the world of meditation, mindfulness, spirituality and crystals work? You have come to the right place. Gaia is an internationally known healer, medium and spiritual coach.  She is a Reiki Master and has a qualification from Omega Institute New York in Past Life  Regression Therapy.

Gaia has created a spiritual guidance app The Beacon by Soul33 and is the founder of Spiritual Health Magazine. These are great tools to help understand your spiritual journey. We asked Gaia some questions about her journey and how to start your own! Check them out.

How can meditation and practicing more mindful living benefit me in the short term and the long term?

Most people think meditation is for relaxation, which it definitely can be when someone is more experienced but in the beginning it allows you to see what arises for you when there are no distractions. The mind becomes even busier than it normally is when we are physically moving around and coordinating life. Meditation is receptivity, communication and connection with yourself and the Universe. Over time your meditation practice allows you to become more mindful as you begin to start observing and seeing where changes need to be made in your life. The benefit is not immediate but it is life changing as your soul begins to speak to you in a waking state too.

What should someone do to start their own healing process?

Firstly they need to be aware and willing that healing is required for everyone, not just those who have had issues arise or have experienced trauma. Sometimes in sessions I will pick up on areas of healing that need to take place which someone didn’t even know they had and being ready to unearth these things and discover all aspects of yourself is essential to starting your own healing journey. To start, you may want to ensure you seek out a service where the practitioner is highly credible and experienced. Meditation is always a good start too as it begins to open you up in ways that you may not realise and become more receptive to healing modalities. I can always tell which of my clients meditate and who doesn’t as their openness to receive the information I have for them is more vast.

Beginner crystals, what do crystals do and how are we best to use them?

Crystals hold different energetic powers and can help amplify, minimise or enhance different things. Each have different significance and can be used to heal different issues. They can also hold memory, hence why they are used in technology as well. Ancient Sumerians started using crystals during the 4th millennium BC! You can access their power in daily life through wearing them in your jewellery, placing them around your house, under your clothing (many women pop one or two small ones in their bra even), in your car. Anywhere!

For someone just starting out on their crystal collection, what would you recommend they purchase and where to put them in and around their home?

Some terrific starting point crystals to buy would be a rose quartz for all love, healing and heart space, you can wear this or carry it in your pocket, I like to put some in my hallway and bedroom. Clear quartz is the master healer which addresses all areas in life which I put on my kitchen window sill. I use pyrite as an abundance crystal which you can place where you work such as your workstation or office and something protective like black onyx which I place on all window sills around my house to negate any negative energy.

How can ‘The Beacon by Soul33’ app amplify somebody’s journey with meditation?

The Beacon by Soul 33 is not just a meditation app, it’s an app to help facilitate someone’s spiritual journey and soul progression. Users listen to the weekly ‘Monday Mantra’ lesson, pull a Soul Progression Oracle digital tarot card for guidance on what they’re needing to work on or be aware of that day or week, and enjoy a new weekly exercise or meditation added each Thursday. There are also four weekly homework exercises or meditations that are prescribed each Sunday to help navigate the energy of the week ahead and they can also then access and add in any other additional exercises they feel they need that week. I’ve just added a new ‘request a personalised meditation and healing’ service should they feel the need, and added a new feature which allows me to ‘text message’ app members with information on moon phases and energy shifts to help them  identify how their moods are affected by these in real time and navigate anything that arises as the energy shifts week to week and sometimes even day to day.  I also share a lot of information and insights on my instagram account which you can find at https://www.instagram.com/soulthirtythree/

What Soul33 meditations do you recommend for daily use? 

There is a huge library of meditations on the app, when homework is provided it gives you the meditations to focus on for the week and you can save your favorites to your favourite list. If you are unsure what meditation to do, you can ask the oracle and do a meditation based on the card you receive and the audio message associated with it that provides you with guidance around what you need to know.

What advice do you have for those just beginning meditation?

Be patient and don’t expect to see, feel or hear anything. Keep going and make it a part of your life as during really difficult times in life you will see how meditation helps you better respond to things that you may have negatively responded to before.

How do you personally take care of your mind, body and soul?

I like quite a balanced but routine lifestyle. I wake very early knowing that this is my most productive time of the day. I eat very intuitively asking what my body wants to eat or needs each day and listen to it, which for me is a very balanced diet. I take different vitamins and supplements and I’m supported under the care of my naturopath. I meditate daily but my work requires me to be in an altered state so I can spend many hours a day in that energy which can be draining, so as a result I spend a lot of time on my own, because I am able to. I also set and honour very strong boundaries for myself!

The Beacon by Soul 33 is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Search ‘Soul33’ in your App Store. There is a free version of the app with more limited features, and the paid version of the app costs $50 per year, which gives users access to the full meditation library, the Soul Progression Oracle technology, and the new features listed above.

You can now also listen to Gaia’s Monday Mantra on her Spotify channel: https://open.spotify.com/show/0amEfZ1fUlNR9ZyiAjSMJX?si=9ae692fbef7640b9 OR visit her website for more information www.soul33.com 


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