3 Diets you’re Considering and Why They’re Dumb

We have begun the new decade, which automatically means we’re all trying to getting fitter or beat that muffin top. We tell our selves it’s time to change into the hard-to-pronounce “lifestyle”—because even though online we are shown beautiful women of all sizes and colours, the devil otherwise known as diet culture is still here to tell us we suck at eating properly.

Now everyone knows new years resolutions exists. But this isn’t about trying to drink more water and wear less makeup (If that is your goal, work it we believe in you). We’re talking about people attempting to put themselves through hella restrictive diets to become a smaller version of themselves. Hearing someone say “I’m trying the keto diet” is becoming more used that the phrase ‘I’m trying to lose weight.’

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Sticking your meals to a very specific plan is difficult in itself. But them you start to crave the good things in life like wine, pasta and fruit. That’s right, I said it, FRUIT! It’s when you cave in to all these restrictions and eat a whole block of Whitaker’s milk chocolate. You feel horrible and hate yourself then continue to swear that on Monday you’ll “be good” again. Lets just not anymore, I’m over it and I’m pretty sure science is over it too. Intense dieting for any reason that isn’t medical will negatively impact people’s mental health. Even clinical psychologist Sari Chait, PhD said so!


Each new year there are countless Google searches for this elimination diet, which basically tells you that for 30 days you’re under a heavy ban from all the good stuff. No sugar, soy, beans, peanuts, sweeteners, grains, dairy, almost all processed foods and alcohol. They say that if you consume just one of the said foods, even if you’re on day 28 you indeed have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. The idea behind this diet is that these foods causes inflammation in your body, and by removing them from your body f0r 30 days will remove cravings and boost your metabolism.

While it is understandable that removing processed foods and alcohol is good for your gut, there is not proven evidence that by following this diet your chippie cravings will disappear or increase the amount of cals you can burn says Jessica Cording, RD, author of The Little Book of Game Changers. It is suggested that this diet can ‘reset’ your body. Well we say take it with a grain a salt.


Intermittent fasting

Don’t get me started on this. This diet is one hell of a rollercoaster. You are allowed to eat whatever you want BUT yes there’s a catch, but you are only allowed to eat between particular hours or even different days of the week. Which means you go through long hours (maybe up to 16 hours) without consuming anything. This diet started as a trend early 2019 but there was no sign of the searching stopping. Science is not as enthusiastic. In animals’, calorie restriction can increase their life span, but there is no science supporting that it works like that in humans. Fasting and restricting can make some people go crazy when they are able to eat. According to Cording “We’re wired to consume more after restricting” So let me say this for the people in the back. THIS DIET IS DUMB. Feed your brain and body with fuel. Dont keep it waiting, but just make sure its like good fuel not a cuppa and a cookie.

Calorie Deficit

“Actually, a starvation diet puts your body into muscle-breakdown mode,” says Kim Larson, R.D.N., of TotalHealthRD.com who is also a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. “When we under fuel our body, it uses every incoming calorie for energy—the brain always gets first dibs on fuel. When calories drop nothing, you eat goes to help maintaining muscle. Which causes muscle loss, this then drops our metabolic rate” When you decide to come off a calorie defect your metabolic rate will be higher meaning you will burn less calories in general So basically, you work against yourself twice. Not exactly what you thought you were getting yourself into huh?

There is science saying that the only way to loose weight is to be in a calorie deficit. Which basically means you’re putting less calories into your body than what you use. Now it does sound easy. But you must remember if you are going to start something like this diet. It must become a lifestyle. No cheating around the edges and just eating lettuce leaves for lunch. Learn how to cook, make the whole family do it together so you are well and truly supported. Research! Maybe even get a coach. Because if you set a goal I believe you can do it. It wont be easy but your strength will get you anywhere.

Kick ass Sister xx

Have you tried one of these diets and did it work for you?

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