Why you NEED to go on a cruise

Earlier this year I saw a really good deal on a cruise holiday. I have always wanted to travel by cruise ship. Growing up, I watched Love Boat repeats and imagined what it would be like, living on a boat and attending lavish parties. It all seemed pretty magical.

Here are some of the cool things that I discovered about cruising.

Adults only

Most cruise ships will have adult only areas. On the boat I travelled on, they had an adults only portion of the deck for sunbathing, reading and having a cheeky cocktail. It was called Oasis and it was heavenly, hanging back with other grown ups there. I even managed to order a cocktail called the Love Boat! If you happen to be on-board as a single, they even have a few mixer nights so you can meet others.



Every night a pamphlet is delivered with the next day’s activities and entertainment. I had such FOMO at times, because there was so many cool shows to go to and some amazing parties as well. Thankfully some of the shows played twice an evening. There was such a variety as well, from Burlesque Marionettes(!) to musicals, stand up comedians and singers. I was blown away by the quality and the easy-going nature of the performers. The ship’s parties were so much fun. They had backdrops for photos, great music and fantastic atmosphere too.


There are all sorts of workshops and lessons on a cruise ship. My favourite was a cocktail making masterclass, where every single drink I made was delicious. I didn’t know I could make anything so tasty! My second favourite was a wine tasting that I attended. There are also crafts you can go and learn if you are so inclined, and all sorts of life coaching, style coaching, and the like available.



I didn’t find the shops until day three, because I was so busy enjoying all of the entertainment available. However, if you like to shop and are especially excited by jewellery, perfume and other duty free delights, the ship has you covered. I drooled over a few lovely sparkly things.

Something for everyone

It would be fair to say that cruising was as fun as I imagined. Okay, there was no barman called Isaac and I couldn’t eat at the captain’s table but during our sea days, there was so much to do. Some of the things on the agenda were not for me, but there was more than enough things that did suit me. I barely cracked open the book I brought along. On shore days, the boat’s timetable is more skeletal but you are too busy enjoying everything each port has to offer to really notice the lack of activity on board.

Have you been on a cruise? Or if not, where would you love to go? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Jacquelyn Elkington November 5, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    Great reading and very informative. I want to know if there are cruises just around Aotearoa with Maori history narratives, maybe a Maori Culture performing group. You know so we can learn haka, poi and Maori dancing. And learn from real Maori people too not white. Yeah that would be KA PAI.

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