5 Signs They’re Just Not That Into You

One of the most frustrating situations to be in, is wondering whether someone’s into you…

Your pals say they are interested, you enjoy talking and hanging out together but no one has made a move? Maybe they’re nervous? But how could they not notice all the hints you’ve been dropping? Sometimes we have to wonder how dense people can be, because you can drop the biggest hint and they won’t notice.

Maybe they did notice?… Maybe they’re just not that into you.

Well we have the biggest 5 signs that they’re just not that into you…

They Never Message/Text or Contact You First

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This is a biggie… If a man is into you all he will want to do is talk to you, he craves your attention and loves knowing that you are there.

So when he only talks to you on his terms, and you initiate almost every conversation, babe he’s just not that into you.

They Never Try to Spend Time with You

This is the giveaway… If a guy is into you, he will follow his gut and knows he feels best when he’s around you. But if he is always making excuses as to why he can’t see you… then don’t give him your time of day. Sure, he may have a busy lifestyle. But no one is truly too busy. Just know if he wanted to make the effort he would.

You Only Hang Out When It Works for Them

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A man will not put effort into something he doesn’t care about. That’s why they’ll spend hours working on their cars but not clean the dishes in the sink. If he cares about you, he’s going to put in an effort to spend time with you. Maybe he will go to your place even though it’s easier for you to go to his. If he’s actually into you, he won’t mind making compromises just like he doesn’t mind putting hours and hours into a video game. If he doesn’t want to compromise, even on the small stuff, it’s one of the biggest signs that he is not into you.

They Talk to You About Other People in their Life

This is a huge “you’re a friend, not a potential girlfriend” sign. A guy will never ask for advice on dating other women, from the girl he is into. I’ve been in this situation myself… you talk all the time, and you start catching feelings. But you realise the only reason he contacts you is advice on other women. Now let me tell you, run while you can. That screams that you’re his friend that gives him a woman’s perspective, rather than someone he’s interested in dating. It means he’s much more serious about them than he is about you, which is not a good sign.

They’re a Flirt

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This is where we all get dragged in! He is sweet and lovely, and always compliments you. So, if he is able to say all these nice things about how he feels about you, surely he would be able to make an effort to see you or take you on a date. If time is passing by and the only thing he does is flirt with you. He’s not into you he just likes to flirt.

How did you find out he wasn’t into you?

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