Your Ultimate 2020 Winter Bucket List

We are finally out of lockdown but the change in season is still trying to keep us indoors. If you’re feeling the winter blues, its time to cuddle up with your favourite hoodie and find a few winter friendly activities that you can do alone or with a group of friends. Check out some of our must-have experiences that will warm your body and your soul.

Have a winter clear out

Its time to go Marie Condo all through your house or apartment. Getting rid of clutter during winter will leave you with a fresh start for the spring and summer.

  1. Get rid of crockery you never use.
  2. Donate those books you have stacked up that you said you would read but you know you won’t get to.
  3. Create an open space you feel comfortable in.

A rule Marie (Netflix’s tiny cleaning guru) uses is a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life.  So, as you pick up an item in your house if it doesn’t spark you any joy, that it a sign to donate it or throw it out.

Find a cosy cabin or glamping tent where you can spend the weekend!

A Kiwi road trip to a cute destination is always a yes! Find a cabin or glamp somewhere in the beautiful coastlines or mountains of NZ this winter! Stay toasty warm with your heater and a glass (or two) of mulled wine while admiring the views our country has to offer! Plus, this is the perfect way to get away with your girls or spend a carefree romantic weekend with your love.


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Learn to cook a full-ass meal

Dream of being a Masterchef? Head to an op-shop and pick up a recipe book or search online for a recipe you’ve always wanted to make. Now is your time to shine! Make that hearty meal that you know you will enjoy. Carve out some time because hearty food is our best friend now. Invite friends over for a dinner party or treat yourself to a 3-course meal and glass of wine.

Learn a winter sport (or just make snowmen)

New Zealand has some beautiful mountains and towns that offer an amazing winter sport experience. Places like Mt Ruapehu, Cadrona, Coronet Peak and many others offer some great experiences for novices and pros alike. Spend your days shredding the slopes and spend your evenings with hot chocolates and a movie. If skiing isn’t your thing, you can still head to the snow and make snowmen, go tobogganing down the small slopes and still enjoy those hot chocolate evenings.

Find a day spa

Nothing sounds more perfect than spending a cold crispy day at a day spa. Hot thermal pools, a massage and maybe a sauna?… I THINK SO! New Zealand has many places that can offer calming and soothing treatments and the best part about it is that you can make it a weekend away. Soak your body in the natural mineral pools of Rotorua or maybe get down and dirty at a mud spa.

Try a new restaurant

Cause why not?


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Do a jigsaw puzzle

I know you did these when you were younger (and tried to become a puzzle-pro during lockdown), so why not continue the trend and pick up a 2,000 piece puzzle and make a day out of it! Get your coffee out, wrap yourself up in your pj’s and dig in because you don’t find too many opportunities where you can concentrate on one thing. Doing a puzzle is a great way to be present and let everything else in your mind go – that alone will be worth every minute.

Bake a sweet pie, because dessert is life

Apple pie, rhubarb pie, peach pie…and the list goes on. Sweet pies aren’t all that common in NZ so why not test your baking skills by making your own pie for dessert! If you don’t want to make a pie, you can always cheat and just make a crumble which tastes just as good!

Throw a bonfire night

Get your pals and family ready for the best night ever! Stock up on your marshmallows and hot chocolate and set yourself up for a night full of fun, singing and love! If you were to do anything on this list, I would recommend this the most. A bonfire is a great way to get everyone together and have the best time while still staying toasty warm! Just please don’t fall into the fire….


Yes, scrapbooking is still a thing. Collect all your memories and put them all in one place for a truly therapeutic and peaceful trip down memory lane. You get to relive your favourite moments from the past and create a book all about the journey that’s led you to where you are.

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