We’ve Seen Them Early: Summer 18/19 New Movies You Should See

Trying to decide if those new release movies are worth spending money on? We were able to check out a few movies hitting cinemas in Dec/Jan a little early so to help you decide what to watch, check out 6 movies we don’t want you to miss out on.

second act

Second Act

In cinemas NOW

I can’t pass up a JLO comedy so was really excited to check this out. Second Actis exactly what you think it is going to be and nothing more; it’s 2 hours of light hearted comedy that uses a tried and tested formula to find its success. Lopez and Leah Remini (real life BFFs) play opposite each other perfectly and their natural rapport gives the film some added life.

With a few life lessons explored along the way and some tender moments shared between the characters, Second Actis a great film to watch with you girlfriends.


In cinemas December 26, 2018

Two words. Jason. Momoa.

Momoa is charismatic and cocky as the lead and I was surprised how well his coupling with Amber Heard, who plays a badass female heroine, was. Temuera Morrison, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe and Patrick Wilson pad out the supporting cast to help give Aquaman some extra grit.

Yes the film is cheesy AF and some of those one-liners were so awful that you couldn’t help but cringe-laugh at them, but this self-realised blockbuster is the epic underwater adventure you need to watch this summer.  With large scale action sequences that put you on the edge of your seat to visually breathtaking shots of Atlantis that make you want to take a deep-sea diving course, Aquamandelivers exactly what it promises; an entertaining thrill-ride.

The Favourite

In cinemas December 26, 2018

Olivia Coleman as Queen Anne is everything.

The Favourite is an unexpectedly hilarious and thoughtful look into the relationships between three key characters during Queen Anne’s reign. Set in the 18thCentury, this female-led drama is witty, edgy and downright delightful and stars Emma Stone in what might be her best performance yet as the manipulative maid Abigail who, as the titles suggests, becomes the Queens favourite. Rachel Weisz as always gives a flawless performance as Sarah, the Queens confidante who also manages many of her governing affairs over England.

It’s wonderful to see a film where all three leads are not only female, but strong and complicated in a way that most women are.

While the film is almost completely without fault, I must say that the ending leaves something to be desired with its abstract-art house ending that left me more confused than anything.

Highly recommend catching this one if you love a period drama.

movie releases

Mortal Engines

In cinemas NOW

I don’t care what anyone says, Mortal Enginesis an epic high-fantasy film that I’ll definitely be watching again.

Dark and gritty, this edge of your seat fantasy takes all of the amazing Peter Jackson world building you’d expect and sets it against a fast paced script based off the original book series by Phillip Reeve. While a little more character development would’ve been nice, the expansion of the world, the class systems and post-apocalyptic dangers gives you enough information to be able to really tune into this film that sees action from the first scene until its last frame.

With a talented cast that worked their asses off to bring these complex characters and this insane world to life, Mortal Enginesis entertaining AF and definitely worthy of a repeat watch.

Mary Poppins

In cinemas January 1, 2019

I’m going to say it…this film is “practically perfect in every way”.

I was an equal amount of excited and apprehensive to see this film because Julie Andrews as Mary Poppinsis basically my childhood but OMFG, I couldn’t even anticipate how delightful Mary Poppins Returnswould be.

Emily Blunt is an absolute babe (on and off screen) and her version of the loveable Mary Poppins is flawless. Blunt sprinkles her own magic onto the character and enhances Mary Poppins in a fresh and exciting way. Her voice is divine and coupled with the likes of Lin Manuel-Miranda (who takes on the Dick Van Dyke role), the two beautifully bring to life some new songs that stick in your head for days.

With some larger than life musical scenes including one that reimagines the cartoon sequences first seen in ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’, Mary Poppins Returnsgives you all the nostalgia feels.

Trust me when I say you won’t be sorry you went to see this on the big screen.

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

In cinemas January 3, 2019

I’ve never been a huge Spider-Man fan but I LOVED this movie. Set in a really cool comic book style, Into the Spiderverse is full of adventure, espionage and quirky characters that bring the dynamic script to life. A little different from other Spider-Man films, this movie follows a young boy named Miles who through a series of events is bitten by ‘the spider’ and turned into a Spider-Man. When the big bad tries to tear the world apart for selfish reasons, he comes face-to-face with other incarnations of Spider-Man (including the boss babe Gwen Stacey) from parallel universes. The chaos that ensues is wild and highly entertaining.

With actors such as Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfield and John Mulaney voicing the characters, the film is equal parts hilarious and tender. Definitely worth a watch.

Will you be catching any of these over the summer?

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