Need Some Movie Inspo? Here’s What We’ve Been Watching In December

We love being able to sit down with a glass of wine, a cheese platter and binge watch a few movies after a long week at work. If you’re looking for some new recommendations, check out some of our recent watches you can pick up on DVD.

darkest minds

The Darkest Minds

Based on a book series, The Darkest Minds is a futuristic thriller in the same vein as The Hunger Games and Divergent. When 98% of the children throughout the US are killed by a disease, the survivors are left with supernatural abilities that split them into factions within a rehabilitation camp. Even though this film has an interesting premise, a fantastic cast and some awesome sequences that feature the kids abilities, it unfortunately doesn’t pack the same punch as other YA fantasy films due to a poorly developed and slow paced plot. A hit and miss movie, I’m sure there is an audience out there for The Darkest Minds, it just didn’t happen to be me.

Ladies In Black

Ladies In Blackis the Aussie comedy you didn’t know you needed in your life. Extremely sweet with a likeable cast of women at the helm, this film set in a Sydney department store in the 50’s weaves together various character arcs to pull together an almost flawless film. With a brilliant cast and some commentary on immigration, Ladies In Blackis a joyous film that will have you grinning ear-to-ear by the time you reach the end.

Ocean’s 8

It’s your typical Ocean’s heist with all the tricks, twists and planned manoeuvres. Get the girls, and guys, some champagne, a frock, and indulge in a bit of slick, sassy, sexy, fantasy heisting with a note of humour, of course. Big balls, big diamonds and big stars, Ocean’s 8 is a winning combo. Perfect addition to any girls night.



A-MAZ-ING! I will watch anything Adam Driver is in from now until the end of eternity so I was really interested in giving this a go. Based on true events, Spike Lee delivers one of his best films yet in BlacKkKlansman, a film that follows the first African American Police officer hired in Colorado-Springs as he infiltrates the KKK. It’s insane. Taking a very detailed look at racial tensions in the 1970’s and concluding with raw footage of recent years, the journey from start to finish is emotional AF and simultaneously infuriating. It really is a brilliant watch but just be warned, the language at times is very in your face and salty.


Critics didn’t seem to really like the new Predator but I personally was a massive fan. It doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel and uses a lot of those big sci-fi action sequences of ships crashing to earth, aliens tearing shit up and humans scrambling to be heroes that we’ve come to know and love of movies in this genre. Predator definitely uses the comedic timing of Keegan Michael Key and Olivia Munn to bring some much needed light-heartedness to a story that otherwise has a far-fetched premise. Great CGI and some well thought out Predator x human fight sequences round out this film. Definitely worth a watch for anyone who loves a sci-fi/action crossover.


I love Mark Wahlberg but I wasn’t a huge fan of Mile-22. The plot is very choppy, the pace a little too fast and it takes a little while to figure out what is actually going on because not much is explained. Basically if you love a story driven action film as I do, you’re probably not going to enjoy this movie. In saying that though, if you love to watch things explode, enjoy some decent action sequences (including some epic shoot-outs) and you’re not too worried about the overall story, then this is definitely a movie you’ll be able to pop in and enjoy.


Breaker Upperers

Breaker Upperers is full of all that classic kiwi humour we all know and love. Madeline Sami is gold in everything she touches so it’s no brainer that there are some hilarious comedy moments that make this an enjoyable watch. As a duo, the leading ladies are fab as a pair of hot mess BFF’s and the smattering of Kiwi actors (many Shortie St alums) round out this film nicely. Definitely one to pick up at your next girls night.

Christopher Robin

Maybe you’re thinking that you’re too old to watch a movie about Winnie the Pooh and his delightful band of friends but let me tell you right now, this movie will punch you right in the nostalgia feels and leave you with a big old smile on your face. It’s a must watch. We don’t give star ratings on movies around here because everything is subjective, but if I had to assign one to this it would be 10/10. Christopher Robin is a perfectly executed, beautifully written and utterly sweet look at the priorities we set for ourselves as adults and the importance of bringing joy into your life.

The Wife

A smart, thoughtful and intriguing watch, I was surprised how much I really loved The Wife. Not my usual type of movie, I was easily drawn into the complicated marriage of Joe (Jonathan Pryce) and Joan (Glenn Close) and the role success plays in their relationship. It should come as no surprise that Glenn Close is PHENOMENAL in this movie and every raw emotion is flawlessly executed to tug at your heart strings. A must watch for any drama lover.

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