We talked to Geraldine Viswanathan about her NEW movie The Broken Hearts Gallery

What if you saved a souvenir from every relationship you’ve ever been in? The Broken Hearts Gallery follows the always unique Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan), a 20-something art gallery assistant living in New York City, who also happens to be an emotional hoarder. After she gets dumped by her latest boyfriend, Lucy is inspired to create The Broken Hearts Gallery, a pop-up space for the items love has left behind. Word of the gallery spreads, encouraging a movement and a fresh start for all the romantics out there, including Lucy herself.

Her World was lucky enough to interview the amazing Australian actress Geraldine Viswanathan about ‘The Broken Hearts Gallery’…

So, Geraldine what was your favourite part of filming this new movie?

Oh my god, everything! It was such a dream. It feels like a fantasy at this point. I loved the cast and Natalie Krinsky the writer and director was a dream; she had this infectious energy and enthusiasm about the movie. We all wanted to do our best and we enjoyed filming together which I think came out on screen.

As an actor from Australia doing amazing things in Hollywood, do you have any tips and tricks to help get people started in the acting business?

There really is no one way to do it. If you want it and are driven, passionate and persistent enough eventually something has got to give.

We follow your character Lucy as she goes through heartbreak, do you have any advice you would give to anyone going through a breakup right now?

I think I would say feeling is inevitable and temporary, allow yourself to feel it. It’s a privilege in life to feel. But eventually you’ve got to get back up again. That’s one thing I love about this film, Lucy takes her heartbreak but turns it into art.

In the film Lucy had her 2 friends Amanda and Nadine, what would you say is the trick to keeping those tight bonds and connections through adulthood?

I think it’s something I’m still learning, it’s tough with travelling a lot and you are not really in one place. I think those relationships need to have more of a conscientious effort to keep them there and nurtured. I think just staying in touch, I’ve been face timing my friends a lot during quarantine. Watch movies together and play games.  

So Geraldine you call yourself quite an introvert, your character Lucy is very out there and the life of the party. What was the hardest thing about bringing the script to life?

I think it was just her relentless energy, she is the life of the party all the time. That is true of Natalie Krinskey, a lot of her essence is in Lucy. She never got tired on set surrounded by a lot of people. I think I’m an introvert because I need time to recharge and I get kind of overwhelmed. Lucy is just go go go and it was fun to experience that person but also at the same time I was pretty tired by the end of it.

 What would you say is the one thing Lucy taught you?

I would say, she taught me a lot about fashion. She is a lot more stylish then I am. I never was into clothes but now I am. I enjoy looking cute. And her expressiveness, I think she’s really able to tell everyone how she feels all the time. I’d like to think I’ve started to do that. I hope she has rubbed off on me after playing her because I think she’s pretty fun.

If you’re looking for a pick me up, a warm fuzzy feeling or are going through a breakup right now, this is the movie for you! I fell in love with this film, and I’m sure you will too!

Catch ‘ The Broken Hearts Gallery’ in cinemas from the 24th September, 2020

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