The Invisible Man Review – The Chilling Story of Cecilia Kass

After Cecilia decides to escape from the home her abusive boyfriend in the middle of the night. Adrian her boyfriend stages his own suicide; a crazed scientist uses his power to become invisible to stalk and terrorize his ex-girlfriend. When the police refuse to believe her story, she decides to take matters into her own hands and fight back.

After two hours of seat gripping suspense I left the theatre absolutely speechless. The intricately constructed thriller film was led by Elisabeth Moss, playing Cecilia Kass, a modern woman haunted by her psychotic ex-partner, Adrian Griffin. Directed by Leigh Whanell an American horror icon who has previously directed such films as ‘Saw’(2004) and ‘Insidious’(2010) This new addition to his impressive resume absolutely lives up to his past films.

The use of sound was one the most poignant features of this film as it manipulated the audiences comfort levels to a constant feeling of unease throughout the entire duration of the film. This, mixed with the fact that you couldn’t see Adrian until the later parts of the movie at moments truly ran a thick air of suspense through the audience. This exhilarating feeling and the strong unpredictable narrative is possibly what made this film so unique and memorable for me.

Moss’ portrayal of Cecilia was simply hypnotic, it was hard to look away, the development she was able to show throughout the film was truly gripping. It carried and guided the storyline effortlessly and made the entire experience more engaging.

But this film explored more than just horror and suspense. Not only does Cecilia deal with the physical torment of Adrian but the movie displays an insight into the impact emotional abuse has on a victim following a relationship. Her classification as insane by many guides the audience into sympathising with Cecilia. This representation of how damaging a relationship can be once someone has escaped an abusive partnership shines light on the struggle of so many women today. From being called a liar, ignored and underestimated, these are just some of the challenges victims face while trying to regain their lives.

If you want to spend a night gripping the sofa, hiding under the covers and devouring some good old popcorn, this is the thriller film for you!

4/5 Stars 

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