Charmed Season One Review – A Celebration Of Sisterhood With A Supernatural Twist


A fun take on ‘the power of three’, this reboot of one of my favourite shows has its ups-and-downs on its quest to promote badass female power.

The series revolves around three sisters Macy, Mel and Maggie who discover that they possess magical powers after the death of their mother

A group of sisters discover they are witches. Luckily for the world, they’re of the good variety. Banding together in their ancestral home in San Francisco, they work together to fight evil, with each having a specific special power. Although outwardly they are average women, with jobs, relationships and friends, they are also powerful witches, but when they work together, their powers are enhanced. As The Charmed Ones, their destiny is to protect innocents from evil.

While the long-running WB series feels like it only came off the air, it makes sense that in a time of so many dark comedies and intense psychological thrill rides that a reboot of Charmed could work – a show that has always been a fierce and fun celebration of family, sisterhood and girl power.

So, what worked and what didn’t?

Okay so here’s the thing, I love the original Charmed. Obsessively. I own all the box sets, know episodes by heart and once a year I cancel all my plans and binge watch the entire show – yes, even the seasons without Prue. I laugh, cry, pine after Julian McMahon and reminisce about how as a kid, all I wanted was telekinetic powers.

Naturally then, I was interested to check out what the reboot had to offer and while I don’t think it holds up against the original, the show certainly makes strides in creating strong and empowered female characters.

The show kicks off in supernatural style with the death of a key character and a series of moves that lead to the creation of the Charmed ones. The first episode is eerie, fun and jam packed with a whole lotta drama and now having seen the season, is the perfect set up for the show. I also really appreciate that it didn’t waste time establishing our trio. Each of the sisters has personality traits that bond them but on an individual level, they are each boss babes.

Macy is the long-lost, practical and nerdy eldest sister. A scientist with a drive like no other, she discovers she has two younger half-sisters after she moves to work in their local towns University. As the season progresses, we learn a little more about Macy’s wild side and find out a really cool element to her magic. Similar to Prue Halliwell from the original series, Macy has the power of telekinesis.

Mel is the strong-willed, very opinionated middle child. Feminist to the core and a graduate of women’s studies, Mel starts the season in a relationship with local detective Niko. Things take a turn when she is forced to use a spell on Niko to make it seem as though they’e never met. It’s moving, over the top and sets the tone for this characters moral compass. Similar to Piper Halliwell from the original series, Mel’s power is to freeze time – dope!

Maggie is the baby sister who has more pep than you’ll ever need. Fun-loving and bubbly 24/7, she is the most empathetic of the sisters. The only one to be truly mortified that she is a witch (because how can a witch be in a sorority?), Maggie spends the first season navigating the magical world and that of a 20-something at the same time. Similar to Phoebe Halliwell from the original series, Maggie’s power is empathy before eventually evolving into foresight abilities.

While the show lacks the same spark as the original, this new generation of witches feels more empowered, driven and full of life. The show plays on the millennial parts of their personalities and mixes in enough dark and complex moments to keep the show interesting. Even though I can’t deny it would be cool to see more impressive displays of their magic, the show delivers on being a light and fun watch.

If you’re trying to compare this to the original, I don’t think you’ll like it, but if you pop it on for a chill Sunday afternoon, you’ll be thoroughly surprised at how good it really is.


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Episode overview

Want a sneak peek in to the season? There are twenty-two episodes in the first season but you can check out the first ten below. Warning, there may be character and plot point spoilers. ⬇️

Episode one: After the tragic death of their mother, Mel and Maggie learn of a secret sibling, Macy, and discover they exhibit new abilities.

Episode two: After getting a message from the spirit board to not trust Harry, the sisters are conflicted and ultimately concoct a plan.

Episode three: The sisters devise a plan to find a murdering demon while still taking instruction from Harry on how to use their magic.

Episode four: The sisters begin to realize that juggling their two worlds is difficult as they await a meeting with the Elders.

Episode five: Maggie struggles with whether to tell Lucy the truth; Mel and Harry try to protect Niko; Macy is upset about her situation with Galvin.


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Episode six: As Maggie attempts to make amends with Lucy, she asks for Mel’s help to figure out who the new Kappa member is.

Episode seven: The sisters must band together to fight off a shadowy demon that is trying to obtain a collection of powerful magical artifacts.

Episode eight: While on the hunt for Jada, Harry and Charity learn there is a Changeling Demon putting one of the sisters in danger.

Episode nine: Mel turns to Harry for guidance after learning information about the magical world; Macy is determined to not let fate get in the way of her and Gavin’s potential relationship. Maggie tries to keep her mom’s Christmas traditions going.

Episode ten: The sisters turn to The Elders for advice about Harry. Mel fed up with The Elders rules, turns to Jada for help without telling her sisters. With a plan in place, they must face an unexpected threat which leads Maggie to find a strength she didn’t know she had. Meanwhile, Galvin shares some shocking news with Macy that will change everything.

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