Lost In Space Season One Review – A Remake That Ditches The Cheese And Goes For Blockbuster Status

The Robinson family are back on our screens in this revamp of the 60’s sci-fi classic Lost In Space.

In the aftermath of an impact event that threatens the survival of humanity, the Robinson family is selected for the 24th mission of the Resolute (24th Colonist Group), an interstellar spacecraft carrying selected families to colonize the Alpha Centauri star system.

Before they reach their destination, an alien robot breaches the Resolute‘s hull. Forced to evacuate the mothership in short-range Jupiter spacecraft, scores of colonists, among them the Robinsons, crash on a nearby habitable planet. There they must contend with a strange environment and battle their own personal demons as they search for a way back to the Resolute.

So, what’d we think?

With a sci-fi and horror loving dad who crafted most of my childhood pop culture references, I’ve grown to have an affinity for the Robinsons and their space adventures. As such, I was more than a little excited to see that the 60’s classic Lost In Space had been revamped for a new generation.

Taking the best of what new technology can offer, this version of Lost In Space earns blockbuster level status with its large-scale action sequences, edge of your seat thrills and scenes that feel like they’re born out of a child’s imagination.

It’s over the top and totally entertaining.

With a few new plot points and twists thrown in the mix, the bones of the show are still the same. We follow the Robinsons, a trailblazing family who are handpicked to help build the foundations of a new civilization on a planet far from their own. In the very early stages of the first episode, their ship is knocked off course and the characters are quickly forced to assume their roles and use their smarts and skills to survive the crash and its aftermath. It’s dramatic AF and sets the tone of the show up perfectly.

With veteran actors at the helm and a young cast who breathe new life into the family, this era of Robinsons feels more witty, complex and well-rounded than their predecessors. Dysfunctional to say the least, the creators thankfully don’t load the first few episodes with character set-up but rather roll out the relationship sub-plots slowly throughout the season in between larger than life action sequences full of failed missions, narrow escapes and twists of deception.

Speaking of characters, I need to give a shout out to my girl Parker Posey who steals every scene as the manipulative Dr. Smith. A new take on the slick-tongued Dr., Posey is so convincing when she’s spinning her web of lies that you can’t help but be swept up in her tales of deceit. Her reveals are deliciously timed out and her relationship with the Robinsons takes on a new life as the characters move from admiration to suspicion.

Coming back for season 2 sometime in the near future, Lost In Space is an easy and entertaining watch for anyone who loved the original or doesn’t mind losing themselves in an otherworldly adventure.

Season one is available now on DVD and on Netflix.

Check out a snippet of each episode and be sure to watch the show for yourself.

Episode one:

On the way to a space colony, a crisis sends the Robinsons hurtling towards an unfamiliar planet, where they struggle to survive a harrowing night.

Episode two:

Another crash brings more travelers to the planet, as the Robinsons work to salvage their ship with help from their mysterious new companion.

Episode three:

Flashbacks reveal clues to Dr. Smith’s past; The Robinsons contend with a new threat as the ship’s fuel supply starts dropping – fast.

Episode four:

The Robinsons make contact with another family of survivors; Will races to protect his friend after Judy learns what happened aboard the Resolute.

Episode five:

As the team builds a tower to signal the Resolute, Maureen investigates a planetary anomaly, and Will braces for a tough conversation with his dad.

Lost in space review

Episode six:

Maureen debates whether to share what she saw in the sky, Don leads a mission to find fuel, and the robot’s presence stokes tensions within the group.

Episode seven:

Judy and Don race home across the desert with their precious cargo. John and Maureen are dealt a heavy blow. Penny does her best to comfort Will.

Episode eight:

Maureen finds a solution to the fuel issue, but putting her plan into action proves trickier than expected. Dr. Smith realizes her cover is blown.

Episode nine:

Judy sets out to find Maureen, while Will and Penny lead an expedition to the caves. Dr. Smith pursues a new escape plan.

Episode ten:

The Robinson family scrambles to launch from the Lost Planet, stage an impossible rescue, and reach the Resolute before it leaves orbit for good. Unfortunately, some have other plans.

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