The importance of looking after yourself during the busy social season

Hurrah! It’s almost summer!

The social season is upon us – oh, so very exciting! Albeit sometimes overwhelming … weekends (and often week nights) book up faster than you can say “let me check my diary” … and then all of a sudden, it’s February. Sound familiar?

It seems to be the same every year.  There’s something about the looming end of year that makes everyone suddenly think “oh, we MUST catch up, I haven’t seen you in ages!” – which is of course, great (any excuse for a sneaky wine, amiright?). However, coupled with year-end deadlines, work functions, family Christmas gatherings to prepare for, holidays to plan, and the almost guaranteed *unexpected event* that always seems to pop up right when you are severely short on time (and money) … well, it can all get a bit chaotic, can’t it?


The social season stress antidote

Don’t worry, loves. There’s no need to panic! Us women have an amazing ability to cope with ultimate busyness. However, to do this, we also need to prioritise taking time for ourselves. It’s the whole “can’t pour from an empty cup” scenario. In order to be able to enjoy the constant bustle of the end of year, we need to counteract that with nights in, firm personal and emotional boundaries, and the all-important me-time.

We need to regularly step back from it all and have some space. When we’re constantly rushed with no time to eat or even think, our bodies start getting grumpy with us, our stress levels rise, and we start making mistakes or foolish decisions. Obviously not what we want! When we stop looking after ourselves, we cause our bodies to run on empty; this can have pretty rubbish physical and emotional consequences. We can get irritable and snappy with people, we can act like complete party poopers. We can become exhausted, and our immune systems can start to suffer – and getting sick is the last thing you want when you have loads of exciting engagements to go to!

I want better for you this social season – I want you to ROCK it, with as little stress as possible!


But … how?

Depending on what works for you, there are a few ways you can do this. One is to regularly schedule your me-time – weekly or monthly is fine. Once it’s scheduled in, STICK TO YOUR GUNS. Remember to value your personal boundaries, even if others don’t! It is perfectly OK to turn down invitations if you don’t want to go. You don’t have to feel guilty – and you don’t even need to give an excuse! “I apologise, I can’t make it”, is absolutely acceptable. If you do want to go, ensure you reschedule your downtime.

Another option is to give yourself a curfew. I know, I know – no one wants to be the girl who leaves the party early. FOMO is a legitimate thing! But perhaps consider a curfew for certain nights, or a curfew for when to start easing up on the booze – your lack of a hangover the next day will make it worth it, I promise!

Don’t forget …

It’s also important to remember to stay hydrated, loaded up on good nutrition, physically active, and connected with nature. Keeping your body physically happy will go a long way to mentally fuelling you through your blitz of social engagements! Carry a decent water bottle and healthy snacks if you need to. The water will also help protect your skin during the summer months – double win!

Have a great festive season – and remember to look after yourself!

How do you take time for yourself during the busy social season? Share your tips in the comments below.

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