The 10 minute a day beauty routine every busy woman needs

A complicated beauty routine is definitely not a high priority for most busy mums as there are so many competing priorities.

We have put together some super quick tips that you can fit into your busy morning schedule and before you flop into bed at night.



If you have given your skin a good clean the night before, a quick wash in the sink or the shower with water will probably do the trick but if you feel like you need the refreshing benefit of a cleanse pick a product that is easy to use and suits your skin. Manuka Honey Gentle Facial Cleanser can be used on damp skin and then easily removed with a damp cloth without rinsing.

Moisturise with SPF

We know it’s important to put on a good moisturiser and an SPF each day so combining the two is a perfect time saving solution. Lanolin with Moisturiser SPF30 with Pomegranate and Vitamin A fits the bill perfectly and with the added bonus of being high in antioxidants which help protect your skin from the pollutants in the air. Pop a bit of mascara on to help frame your eyes.


Don’t have time to wash your hair? A good dry shampoo will give your hair new life and a bit of volume. Look for one that will give you a smooth finish and also help protect your hair.


If you are short on sleep (of course you are!) or have a few blemishes, a bit of concealer can cover up the evidence and let you skip the foundation step. Look for one that is light and has a dewy and luminous finish to give you a bit of a glow – and it will also be great on your lids and to brighten the corner of your eyes.

Mouth and lips

If you can’t manage anything else, do fit in a tooth brushing session. It will make you feel fresher and banish that morning breath! While we remember to put SPF protection on our face, it’s easy to forget your lips so whip on some lip protection too. Wild Ferns have a great range of products formulated to protect and moisturise your lips including the Manuka Honey Protective SPF15 Lip Care and Kiwifruit Gentle Protection Lip Care SPF15.

Get fragrant

Whip some deodorant on and put some perfume onto your wrists so as your busy day unfolds you get the occasional uplifting whiff. New Zealand Flowers Perfume is beautifully fresh and light and is applied with a roller ball – perfect for on the go application.



Before you fall into bed (for the first and hopefully last time that night!), cleanse your face to remove any traces of the day. Rotorua Mud Facial Wash Creme with Lime Blossom will refresh and remove any traces of makeup that have survived the day.


Give yourself a little pamper with a restorative night cream that repairs, hydrates and soothes. Bee Venom Night Creme with 80+ Manuka Honey encourages increased circulation allowing nutrients to flow into the skin tissue so you can wake up to skin that feels more hydrated, firm and toned. Future you will thank you.

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