Closet Confidential: Style Iips from Ketz-ke’s Jenny Drury

Celebrating 15 years of her fashion brand Ketz-ke this year, Jenny Drury knows a thing or two about looking stylish while juggling work, life and family. Having developed a devoted following for designs that offer fantastic fits, lively prints and a truly unique edge Ketz-ke makes everyday style effortless and optimistic.

We caught up with Jenny to get her top tips for looking great while working from home and balancing family life. And to top it off we managed to get our hands on her famous Butter Cookie recipe too (a favourite of her son Matt’s – even after 16 years)!

Jenny’s wardrobe tips:

Choose looks that transition from basketball sidelines to boardroom

The Ketz-ke woman generally leads a busy lifestyle (and is often juggling family and a raft of other commitments), so we design pieces to be practical but also fun, whether it be the print, colour or a fabulous sleeve detail. A lot of our looks can easily go from day to night or transition into different scenarios with just a change of shoe and lip. This is key when you are always on the go like me

Put in the effort – it’s worth it, I promise

I put a lot of effort in every day to how I dress. I think if you look your best and groom yourself well you will operate in the same manner, even if you aren’t going anywhere

Dress in what makes you feel good

When you feel good your confidence lifts so don’t be afraid to express your personality or wear that statement piece you love. For lots of our customers feeling good in their outfit might come from a bright print or a super flattering cut, it’s all about finding what works for you. Look good, feel good I say!

Have a ‘go-to’ outfit that you know just works

Mine this winter will be the Shearling Cocoon Jacket, Stripe Ladder Skivvy and a wide leg pant, perfect for when the weather really chills down. Either that or a ‘one and done’ jumpsuit is usually pretty fail-safe. I pretty much wear Converse sneakers every day too as they are so comfortable and add an extra cool factor to any outfit. I also love an outfit which can easily be dressed up with just a quick swap of shoes and accessories when something more formal is called for

Build the staples into your wardrobe

A must have for any wardrobe is a black ankle grazing comfy pant that works perfectly with a heel or a sneaker, depending on what the day has in store. We have three super popular pants in our collection that are almost always in stock – the Sav Pant, Fold Pant and Urban Humbug Pant. These styles don’t date and are always in demand because they are just so versatile

Layer, layer, layer!

Winter is my favourite season as you can make a garment look so different by mixing and matching it with other items. Layering is a great way to make an outfit more dynamic with the ability to change up the look of a piece you haven’t worn in a while (not to mention extremely practical when a single day presents four seasons at once!). This winter I am going to be wearing my stripe skivvies under everything

Play with print and colour

Yes black may be safe but fashion is meant to be fun – be adventurous with the colours of the moment or try a new print. I am loving checks and geometric prints for the season ahead and my favourite colours to wear at the moment are khaki, navy, avocado and raspberry

Ketz-ke is stocked in 91 doors throughout New Zealand, 20 in Australia and is available online at

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