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Insecurities are more common than ever. Almost everyone has at least one, and that sucks. I can’t say I’m innocent because I have my own. The biggest one myself and a whole lot of other women suffer with is, an insecurity with their body. Whether it may be ‘this is too fat,’ ‘this is too skinny,’ ‘this looks weird.’ So, I’m sharing ways I learnt to love my self, and accept my insecurities.

I sometimes do this thing. Where I buy clothes that are obviously too big for me in the hopes that they will make me look skinnier. Well I was wrong, very wrong. It looked like I was wearing a thick blanket and was obviously trying the just hide myself. I learnt the hard way, that actually wearing clothes that fit not only look better on you but it makes you feel better on the inside too.

Find a colour you think looks incredible on you

Finding a colour that you think is to die for on you. You’ll want to wear it all the time. When you feel amazing you start to forget about those little voices telling you that ‘this is too fat.’ You end up wearing something you feel confident in and that actually fits you.

Find a shape you like wearing

Having a classic silhouette also makes you just want to rock that bod. Whether it be a boat neckline, turtle necks, skater dresses. Whatever your heart desires. Personally, I love flared pants and crop tops! But I wasn’t always that open about my body.

In my case I would buy clothes that are a size 16-18 because I was trying to cover up any lumps or bumps. Where in fact my body comfortably fits in a size 12 and now my confidence is getting better because you have to just have to rock it. We’re only given one body so why hide it? Make the most of what you’re given and don’t forget to shake what your mama gave you!

Find confidence and happiness!

You are here for a reason, so why not make the most of it? Women have this fixation over loosing weight. I will say if it is a goal for you, go for it! Work hard because when you come out of the other end that hard work would’ve all payed off. But don’t forget we’re all taking the path of life. There will be ups and downs. Good times and bad times.  We’re pretty cool that if we set our mind on something, we weirdly somehow achieve it.

Try stay away from black

By all means wear black! I love to wear it. But refrain from wearing all black outfits 7 days a week. Add some colour, a pattern or a crazy cool cut or shape. Black can do 1 of 2 things. It can slim someone down. But it can also make a person appear larger. I you decide to wear an all-black outfit without showing skin or shapes there’s a chance you look larger than what you really are.

Shine from the inside

People are always saying ‘beauty comes from the inside’ and guess what, it really does. You can get a group of girls and figure out the one who has the confidence to be herself in a heartbeat. Love yourself. This will take time, but If you are willing to make this change. You will change forever. No matter what size a person is they are loved, they are their own beautiful self, and they add something to this world.

Make your own trends

In the fashion industry they tend to cater to a specific body type. Luckily for us there is no rule around clothes we can wear. Sure, their clothes are trendy but make your own trends!! People will notice how confident you are and bam its like a chain affect. Soon you would’ve started a whole new trend. Clothes that are made for your body and whatever shape it may be. They don’t always have to be boring! Grab your patches and sewing machine and make it your own. Let your fashion speak for you! Show them whose boss chick!

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SophiaWritten by Sophia Ivory

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