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Welcome to winter. This means coats, scarfs, jeans, knits and jackets.  Just because the sky is turning grey, doesn’t mean our wardrobe has to as well, and just because there is more of you to love it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with clothing! I’m here to give you the best winter styling tips for your body and make sure you stay feeling confident. Plus, we need to get you out of that all black outfit stat!

Structured Shapes

Choosing a structured shape will not only keep you warm but will give you a polished and complete look, even if you don’t feel like it. Wearing structures like a leather jacket or shearling coat are all-year rounders that can be worn so many ways. Our winter fave is to pair a leather jacket with a chunky scarf, boots and skinny jeans! Not only will you be warm as heck, you’ll be looking lux too! If you want to break up your torso try a long-line coat with high-waisted jeans!


Layering not only accentuates your curves but it is a way to keep extra warm and wear all your fave pieces at once! Something as simple as a pullover can become super-chic as well as keep you warm on those chilly Sunday mornings. Layer turtle necks under knit jumpers with a blazer to top it off.

Feminine Silhouettes

Who doesn’t love adding a little fem flare into their wardrobe? Ruffles, peplums and ruching are little ways for you to add a youthful element to any occasion. Scooped or V-necklines will draw the eye to the midsection and accentuate those killer curves. Stop yourself from only wearing bulky and ill-fitting clothing! Find a shape you love and kill it. Don’t keep those curves all to yourself.


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It’s All About The Fit

I’m going to share a secret with you, almost anything can look good together as long as they fit well. Don’t listen to rules like lighter colours swamp your body and make you look bigger. Black, yeah it won’t slim you down either if it doesn’t fit well. If you want to try something new, wearing white is the perfect way to freshen up a dull day, and neutrals are always a yes… all year long.


As we get closer to the classic Kiwi winter, it’s time to pull out those textures that are cosy but stylish at the same time. Styles like velvet in an eye-catching jewel hue are gorg, comfy and perfect for any occasion. Similar to corduroy, this is a trendy, perfect winter textile that fits perfectly with any outfit. Wearing different textiles makes your winter outfits look a little more thought out and expensive.

Colour is your new best friend

Okay please no more black. This has been the go-to plus size colour forever. It is time to make a change. Use block colours in different hues or shades. Many people have said that colour can make you look bigger. The truth is, if it fits well you will look stunning. This so-called plus size rule comes from people who don’t shop to their actual size. It is time to realise you aren’t as big as you think you are and shop to your body size.


We have all been there when we have 10 minutes to get out of the house, and there is nothing easier than throwing on some jeans and an ill-fitting sweater. But and easy way to make this easy outfit look more styled is adding a scarf. Patterns that are trending this winter are checkers, houndstooth or plaid. You can go for a pop of colour, B&W or neutral colours. This will tie everything together. Adding a coat or trench on the top will really make the look perfect.

Don’t let the winter blues crump your style!!

What is your fav winter style tip?

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