3 Ways the Eco-Beauty Movement Can Save You $

The beauty industry is one of the biggest growing revenues in the world. Everyday without realising it we may use beauty products without even trying. We may have created a routine using products which are single use items or dangerous for the environment. But it is time to change that!

I’ve some simple yet effective ways to go eco-friendly while saving you a few extra $.

Laser Hair Removal

Society has told us that ladies have to have silky smooth legs 24/7. If you’re comfortable going all natural, I applaud you. But personal preference tells me that I should get rid of it. The most typical, easy and affective way to remove leg hair is shaving, using single use razors from the super market. If every woman between 14-45 used disposable razors imagine how much waste we have created in a matter of days, and all we did was shave our legs hair!

A typical pack of razors can cost anywhere between $6-25 and if you are buying a new pack every month… every year…Eek!

However, I have a solution. Laser Hair Removal! This process of burning the hair follicles, means that the area you have treated will no longer grow hairs. Using this method creates no waste, as laser hair removal uses a large laser which is operated by a salon. The misconception about laser hair removal is that it is very expensive and painful but from personal experience I can say neither of these are true.

There’s salons like The Laser Clinic, where you can get brazilian and underarm laser as a 10-week package for only $320. That’s it, $320 for no hair, ever. Every session you go to your hair growth will decline till the hairs don’t grow back, it is recommended to get yearly maintenance done though for the first few years.

Consider Laser hair removal as this rapidly declines the amount of waste the beauty industry generates and you get to save some extra cash on the side too!


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Makeup Removal

Many of us ladies take off a beautiful face of makeup every day, using none other than a makeup wipe. That is a big big big no no! I would consider makeup wipes the biggest flaw in the makeup industry. They’re not only rough on your precious skin but they are so harmful to the environment!

If you are thinking well they’re so cheap so it works for me… they may be cheap when you go to buy them but a $5 pack of 25 wipes will only get you so far.

I recommend looking into removing oil or balm, these are pottles of balm, taking all your makeup off in one swipe. Prices can range anywhere from $15-$40. These balms include heaps of beneficial ingredients that will aid your skin and take off you makeup without creating as much waste! Pots of these balms or oils can last anywhere from 1 month+ depending on how much makeup you wear and how often you use it. But you will not only be saving money in the long run you will be creating a lot less waste in your night time routine.

Give it a go now! It is time to start living eco.

Solid Shampoos and Conditions 

We have all seen the rise of bar shampoos and conditioners and guess what, not only are they more natural but they can last almost 3 times longer than a bottle of shampoo.

Not only are these products made of 100% natural ingredients, but many bars can last a lot longer than your liquid shampoo, and there is no plastic involved in the making or use of them. As long as you store your bars correctly and use them as directed by the supplier you’re saving money and plastic waste!

You can buy bars specific to your hair needs, whether it’s hydration, dandruff or shine. Bar washes are there to help you without all the nasties.

Because bar soaps can last longer if stored correctly. You are saving $ and keeping the chemicals away from your head!


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